Schema Tricks and Tips

Kurt Cagle

The Purpose of Schemas

What is a Schema?

What is a Schema Not?

XML Schema Languages

Why DTDs Are Not Enough

Why DTDs Are Not Enough (More Reasons)

Who Needs Schemas?

Requirements for a Schema Language Definition

Advantages of an XML Based Schema Language

Understanding the XSD

W3C Schema Definition Language

XSD Structures

XSD Datatypes

XSD Primer

Datatypes and Simple Types

Built-In Primitive Datatypes

Built-in Derived Datatypes

DTD Specific Datatypes

Creating A Simple Type By Constraint

Creating A Simple Type By List


A Basic Schema

A Basic Schema (Continued)

Complex Types

Mixed Content


Fixed Types and Default Values


Anonymous Types


Grouping and Ordering

Grouping and Ordering II

Attribute Groups

Advanced Features

The Future of Schemas

Object Oriented XML

Will There Ever Be Universal Schemas?