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Sample Chapters from Curlingstone Books is pleased to bring to you sample chapters from books published by Curlingstone. Published here with the kind permission of Curlingstone.

About Curlingstone
Curlingstone, based in Glasgow, in Scotland, is a new computer book imprint publishing on all aspects of the technology, techniques, and job roles that make up the database community.

Visit for more details.

Here is the list of books from which the sample chapters are available on
Buy this book now!SQL Server 2000 XML Distilled
By: Kevin Williams, Daryl Barnes, Bryant Likes, Stephen Mohr, Paul Morris, Andy Novick, Andrew Polshaw, Simon Sabin, Jeni Tennison

SQL Server 2000 XML Distilled shows you:

  • Where XML as a data model makes sense
  • When and how best to get both relational databases and XML to work together
  • How to set up and configure the SQL Server XML environment
  • How to query SQL Server data and return an XML format FOR XML, URL, and template queries
  • Ways to map between relational and XML schemas
  • SQL Server Annotated Schemas, XML Views, and XPath queries
  • How to store XML data in a relational database OPENXML, Updategrams, and SQLXML BulkLoad
  • .NET support for XML in SQL Server 2000 SQLXML Managed Classes and DiffGrams
  • Case studies of multi-client data access and Biztalk working with SQL Server 2000
  • The future of XML support in SQL Server web services and XQuery

ISBN: 1904347088   Buy this book now!

Read Chapter 1: SQL Server, XML, and the DBA from this book

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