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  You are here: home » Free Library » Subject: .NET Saturday, 17 November 2007
Patterns (1 chapter) XML (50 chapters) XSLT (24 chapters) XPath/XPointer/XLink (5 chapters)
Schemas (7 chapters) DTD (5 chapters) DOM (3 chapters) SAX (5 chapters)
MSXML (3 chapters) SQLXML (3 chapters) SOAP (10 chapters) Web Services (23 chapters)
UDDI (2 chapters) WSDL (1 chapter) XML RPC (1 chapter) ebXML (2 chapters)
Kylix (1 chapter) .NET (30 chapters) .NET XML (15 chapters) Metadata (6 chapters)
XHTML (7 chapters) SVG (4 chapters) RSS (1 chapter) Ruby (1 chapter)
BEEP (1 chapter) Perl and XML (2 chapters) Python XML (1 chapter) PHP XML (1 chapter)
Topic Maps (1 chapter) BizTalk (8 chapters) Java XML (10 chapters) Jabber (1 chapter)
SQL Server (1 chapter) XML Security (2 chapters) XSL-FO (4 chapters) VoiceXML (2 chapters)
WAP (2 chapters) WML (1 chapter) Oracle XML (1 chapter) XMLSPY (1 chapter)
Crystal Reports (1 chapter) Cocoon (2 chapters) Mozilla (1 chapter) XForms (1 chapter)

Subject Sample Chapters
.NET Chapter 1: .NET Overview  
(Introducing .NET, Wrox Press)

Chapter 1: The .NET Foundation  
(XML Web Services with ASP.NET, Wiley)

Chapter 1: Introduction to the .NET Framework  
(Deploying Solutions with .NET Enterprise Servers, Wiley)

Chapter 4: .NET Languages  
(Understanding .NET: A Tutorial and Analysis, Addison-Wesley)

Chapter 1: Introducing C# and the .NET Framework  
(C# in a Nutshell, O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.)

Chapter 2: Introducing C# Programming  
(C# .NET Developer's Guide, Syngress Publishing)

Chapter 4: Applied C#  
(Applied .NET: Developing People-Oriented Software Using C#, Addison-Wesley)

Chapter 1: Introducing ASP.NET  
(Moving To ASP.NET: Web Development with VB.NET, APress)

Chapter 4: Introduction to ASP.NET  
(Mastering™ ASP.NET with VB.NET, Sybex Inc.)

Chapter 2: ASP.NET Namespaces  
(ASP.NET Web Developer's Guide, Syngress Publishing)

Chapter 13: Introducing ADO.NET  
(ADO.NET and ADO Examples and Best Practices for VB Programmers, Second Edition, APress)

Chapter 8: ADO.NET: Developing Database Applications  
(Programming Visual Basic .NET, O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.)

Chapter 6: A First Look at ADO.NET  
(Mastering™ Visual Basic® .NET Database Programming, Sybex Inc.)

Chapter 14: A First Look at ADO.NET  
(Visual Basic® .NET Complete, Sybex Inc.)

Chapter 6: Using Records and Streams  
(ADO and ADO.NET Programming, Sybex Inc.)

Chapter 13: ADO.NET Application Development  
(Visual C#™ .NET Developer's Handbook™, Sybex Inc.)

Chapter 13: Creating A Message Board with ADO and XML  
(ASP.NET Web Developer's Guide, Syngress Publishing)

Chapter 1: Build Web Applications Faster and Easier Using Web Services and XML  
(Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, Microsoft Press)

Chapter 0: Forum 2000 Keynote: Bill Gates Speaks About the .NET Platform  
(The Microsoft® .NET Framework, Microsoft Press)

Chapter 2,4: Excerps  
(Moving to VB.NET: Strategies, Concepts and Code, APress)

Chapter 5: Working with Forms  
(Mastering™ Visual Basic® .NET, Sybex Inc.)

Chapter 21: Attributes  
(A Programmer’s Introduction to C#, Second Edition, APress)

Chapter 4: Windows Forms  
(C# .NET Developer's Guide, Syngress Publishing)

Chapter 8: Application Development  
(Developing Applications with Visual Studio .NET, Addison-Wesley)

Chapter 3: Talking To HailStorm  
(Early Adopter HailStorm (.NET My Services), Wrox Press)

Chapter 8: Windows Forms Components and Controls  
(VB.NET Developer's Guide, Syngress Publishing)

Chapter 11: A Case Study: A Distributed Web Application  
(Fundamentals of Web Applications Using .NET and XML, Prentice Hall)

Chapter 1: From VB6 to VB.NET  
(Visual Basic® .NET! I Didn't Know You Could Do That…, Sybex Inc.)

Chapter 7: Visual Studio .NET Debugging Environment  
(Debugging ASP.NET, New Riders)

Chapter 16: Mobile Device Development with ASP.NET  
(Inside ASP.NET, New Riders)

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