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Past Questions and Answers

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Question 118: In my XML document, some node attributes data contains a backslash (\) character, such as <input msg="Hello \n World"/>. When I try to locate such elements using the XPath expression "//input[@msg = 'Hello \n World']", it does not return any nodes. I am using MSXML 3.0. (8/2/2004) (Viewed 2935 times)
Question 117: Binary to Base64 using MSXML in C++: I have seen many Visual Basic examples on encoding/decoding binary data as Base64 using MSXML. Can you please provide a C++ example to illustrate converting a disk file (letís say a .JPG image) into base64 XML using MSXML? (3/3/2004) (Viewed 19218 times)
Question 116: I am using MSXML 4.0 SAX to validate an XML document using an XSD schema. I wanted to know how to get all the validation errors (and not stop at the first XSD validation error). A Visual Basic example would be helpful. (2/25/2004) (Viewed 10524 times)

Question 115: I am using MSXML 3.0 ServerXMLHTTP class to send a request to a remote server. It returns XML. I would like to format the XML and send the formatted HTML to the client, using an ASP page. Please suggest possible options. (1/8/2004) (Viewed 13838 times)
Question 114: In my ASP page, I am calling a Web service that returns an XML document. This XML document contains international (Japanese, Greek, Chinese, etc.) characters. I need to extract some data from this XML document and send to the browser client as part of other surrounding HTML text. I am able to select the node, but if I use nodeTypedValue or text property to do Response.write, it converts the international characters into question marks (?). How can I preserve the international characters? (12/11/2003) (Viewed 13785 times)
Question 113: What version of MSXML should I use so that my application would work on Windows 9x, Windows NT, and Windows 2000? (12/9/2003) (Viewed 10877 times)

Question 112: In my ASP page, I am loading the XML document from the Request stream. If the posted XML document contains a reference to an external DTD, the load fails and parseError reports No data is available for the requested resource. Please help. (12/2/2003) (Viewed 5688 times)
Question 111: I have an XML document whose top element contains default namespace (xmlns="xxxx"). I would like to get rid of this namespace; and add a child element that contains the default namespace URI. I am using MSXML 4.0 with Visual Basic. I tried removeAttribute and objXMLDoc.namespace.remove, but they does not seem to work (first one does not do anything, second one gives error that object is read only). Please help. (11/22/2003) (Viewed 3649 times)
Question 110: I am using MSXML 4.0 SP2 in my C++ applications to parse and process some existing XML documents. When I load the XML document, how do I find out about the document encoding (UTF-8, UTF-16, ...)? (10/28/2003) (Viewed 5466 times)
Question 109: We use MSXML XMLHTTP and ServerXMLHTTP from VBScript to send a request to remote server. The request goes through proxy server (ISA Server). If a request takes a long time (more than 120 seconds), then the proxy server times out the connection. Is there a way to programmatically keep the connection alive? (10/14/2003) (Viewed 2916 times)
Question 108: I am using MSXML to create an XML document; however, I am not able to find any property/method that would allow me to set the schemaLocation(7/31/2003) (Viewed 3851 times)
Question 107: I am using MSXML DOM to load an XML document; and XPath expression to locate an element. The expression makes use of contains XPath function. For some reason, this does not work and I get "Run-time error '-2147467259(800004005) Unknown method". I am using MSXML 3.0. (7/21/2003) (Viewed 4356 times)

Question 106: I noticed that MSXML DOM always adds carriage-return (#xD i.e 0D) and line-feed (#xA i.e 0D) at the end of XML document. Is there a reason for that; how to avoid this? (7/18/2003) (Viewed 3397 times)
Question 105: I am creating XML documents from the database. Sometimes, the MSXML parser fails to create/load this XML document with the error "Invalid Unicode Character". I am pretty sure it is not encoding problem, as I am using UTF-8 encoding and tried out with all special characters, including character above ASCII 127 (0x7F). Please help. (7/15/2003) (Viewed 5970 times)
Question 104: How do I use SelectSingleNode on MSXML version 1.0? (6/30/2003) (Viewed 3029 times)
Question 103: I am creating an XML document using MXXMLWriter40 (a coClass that implements IMXWriter). However, I am not able to specify the namespace for the generated element. Can you please suggest how can I create a XML document that has elements with namespaces using MXXMLWriter40(5/12/2003) (Viewed 4083 times)
Question 102: Where can I get MSXML 4.0 debug symbols? (5/10/2003) (Viewed 3120 times)
Question 101: I have an XML document that contains nodes having an attribute named type. I want to discover the possible values for this attribute given in the XML document. Kind of like "DISTINCT" in SQL. I am loading this XML document using DOM and would appreciate if you could suggest how can I find DISTINCT values of this type attribute using XPath. (5/7/2003) (Viewed 3930 times)

Question 100: Can you please provide a VB example of aborting the parsing while using SAX? I am using MSXML 4.0. (4/25/2003) (Viewed 3597 times)
Question 99: When is Microsoft going to release the next update of MSXML? I have been using MSXML 4.0 (SP1), and would like to know if next version of MSXML would be available sometime soon? (4/24/2003) (Viewed 10193 times)

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