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MSXML 4.0 SP2 now available!

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Microsoft XML Core Services

Almost all articles and books on MSXML provide the examples using scripting languages or Visual Basic. There aren't any good resources for C++ MSXML developers.

PerfectXML brings to you a C++ MSXML sample applications - a new section dedicated to C++ developers. Be sure to bookmark this page and visit often to find interesting C++ MSXML sample applications.

March 2003
XML-based Configuration Files

XML-formatted files are fast becoming the preferred method of saving the configuration settings. The reasons for this include ease of parsing and processing, ability to transform (for instance to generate HTML report from the config settings), extensibility, and so on.

The .NET Framework provides System.Configuration namespace, which contains various classes to work with XML-based configuration files.

If you are working with a C++ application, and need to use XML-based configuration files, this article contains a class that will make your life easier. The class CConfigurationSettings allows loading local XML file, XML string, or remote XML file over HTTP. The methods allow getting and setting "standard" and "custom" configuration values; and persisting the configuration changes. The class also supports namespaces. Learn More...
February 2003
Web Services Client Applications

Learn how to invoke XML Web Services in C++ applications, using MSXML XMLHTTP, ServerXMLHTTP, SOAP Toolkit, and PocketSOAP. Learn More...
September 2002
More SAX Examples

Four C++ sample applications that illustrate using SAX2 implementation in MSXML 4.0 SP1.
  • The first application illustrates doing basic SAX processing to count occurrences of the specified element in the given XML document.
  • The second sample application shows XSD validation using SAX.
  • The third application shows locating an element and getting the element's content.
  • The fourth and final application illustrates creating XML documents using SAX.
Learn More...
Thursday July 18, 2002

Today we'll learn how to use XMLHTTP to send a POST request to a remote server from the client. We'll POST a SOAP request package to the Temperature Web service to get the current temperature given the ZipCode. Learn More...
Wednesday July 17, 2002
SAX2 Parsing

Today's sample application will show you how to parse an XML document using SAX2 implementation in MSXML 4.0. This application uses SAX to parse the input XML document to count the number of elements and attributes. Learn More...
Tuesday July 16, 2002
XPath String Functions and XSLT

In today's sample application, we'll learn about few XPath string functions with the help of a mail merge application. The XML file contains the data and the XSLT file contains the mail (letter). MSXML 4.0 is used to apply the stylesheet on the XML document and produce a mail-merged text document. Learn More...
Monday July 15, 2002
XSD Schema Validation

This sample application shows how to use MSXML 4.0 to validate an XML document against XSD schema. MSXML 4.0 DOM supports validating the fully loaded DOMDocument (using the validate method) or validating the document while loading/parsing (using the validateOnParse property). This sample C++ application illustrates both the approaches. Learn More...
Friday, July 12, 2002
Creating XML Document Using DOM

This sample application shows how to use MSXML 4.0 to create an XML document using DOM. This application illustrates the following DOM APIs: createProcessingInstruction, insertBefore, createNode, appendChild, createElement, createAttribute, setNamedItem, createComment, createCDATASection, createDocumentFragment, setAttribute, and save. Learn More...
Thursday, July 11, 2002
Applying XSLT Stylesheet

This sample application shows how to use MSXML 4.0 to apply an XSLT stylesheet on an XML Document. This is a Visual C++ 6.0 Win32 console application that uses MSXML 4.0 to load a remote XML document, loads a local XSLT stylesheet file, applies the transformation and then saves the transformed document as a local XML file. Learn More...
Wednesday, July 10, 2002
Using DOM

This sample application illustrates the MSXML 4.0 DOM API. This is a Visual C++ 6.0 Win32 console application that uses MSXML 4.0 to load a remote or local XML document, adds an attribute to the document's root element; then uses XPath to search for a node, if found, updates the node's value with the current datetime, else creates a new node and sets its value. Learn More...
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