Reproduced with kind permission of Prentice Hall
Web Services Explained, Solutions and Applications for the Real World
Chapter 1: What Are “Web Services”?; and Chapter 2: What Are Program- to-Program Communications?
ISBN: 0130479632
Author(s): Joe Clabby
Web services will transform the way software is created, sold, and delivered. In this executive briefing, leading analyst and consultant Joe Clabby tells IT and business decision makers what the Web services revolution really means. Web Services Explained clearly explains the fundamentals of Web services technology, offers examples of how it can be used for competitive advantage, and shows how it will impact every player in the IT value chain. It delivers the strategic insights and specific recommendations you'd expect to find only in a $1,000 analyst report, answering the critical questions managers must ask:

  • What exactly are Web services?
  • How do Web services technologies actually work?
  • What are the shortcomings and "gotchas" of current Web services architectures, and what can I do about them?
  • What can Web services help me do that I can't do already?
  • Who's already using Web services, and what results are they achieving?
  • What are the most appropriate Web services applications for my company?
  • What questions should I ask Web services vendors, and how should I choose among them?
  • Should I commit to Microsoft's .NET platform, Sun's J2EE platform, or neither?
  • How will Web services impact my organization?
  • How will Web services impact my suppliers and my broader business environment?