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The QuizPro is a java applet that can be used for conducting online tests. The QuizPro has many intuitive features that help the user while taking the test. QuizPro is focused on letting the user give maximum time to answering the test rather than learning to navigate the test program. This help file is also a walkthrough of all the features of QuizPro. We encourage you to get familiar with the features so that it is easier for you to navigate the test.

QuizPro features

The welcome screen

Welcome Screen

The welcome screen shows the details of the test you are about to take. The following information is displayed :

Category of the test : Wherever relevant, a test category is displayed. This is the topic the exam will be based on. For eg. If "Java Language" is the topic, it will be displayed as the category of the test.

Complexity of the test : Wherever relevant, a complexity level of the test will be displayed. Typically the complexity level of a test is a factor of how difficult the test is. Some sample categories are "Beginner" and "Advanced". "Beginner" complexity tests will have simpler questions than "Advanced" complexity tests.

Number of questions in the test : The total number of questions the current test will have.

Duration : The time alloted for the test. QuizPro does not restrict time taken for individual questions. The complete test is considered during assessment. Therefore, it is possible for a user to spend more time on a single question than others, bringing it closer to the "paper" type test.

Instructions for the test : A set of instructions for the test.

Buttons :

Help Button : The Help button is present on every screen, on clicking the help, this help text will be displayed.

Start Test Button : Click on this button to start the test.

QuizPro Test Screen

Test Screen

The QuizPro Test screen is the main screen the user has to interact with during the test. Each feature of this screen is explained in greater detail in the appropriate sections below.

1. The Question Window : The question window of the test center displays the question. If the question is larger than the space available, a scrollbar appears, that can be used to see the complete question by scrolling down. The button # 6 can be used to view the question in a single popup window to allow for more reading space.

2. The Time remaining : The remaining time for a test is displayed at the top left corner. This shows the total time remaining for the test and keeps ticking down. After the time elapses, the user will not be allowed to answer any more questions. This timer is only displayed when the test is timed. Using QuizPro, it is also possible to give open ended tests, that do not have any time limit. This feature is useful when the purpose of taking a test is to browse through the questions. This is not a choice for the user, unless provided as an option by the site hosting the test.

3. The test map : A unique feature which lets the user see a report of the question list and information relating to what questions have been answered, which questions are marked, etc. Clicking this button displays a screen like the following.


The four fields indicate the following :

Marked - Indicates whether the user has selected to mark the question for answering later.
Question number - Indicates the question number.
Question Type - Shows whether the question is a single select or multiple select question.
State - Shows whether the question has been attempted or not.

The user can jump to any question from the test map by simply clicking on the respective row in the map. To go back to the current question, click on "Go Back".

4: Float : Using this feature, users can view the applet as a seperate floating window. This gives a feel of an application that can be maximized and moved around just like any other application. One important use of this feature is that it takes advantage of the resolution of the users screen. i.e. If the user has a high resolution monitor, then he is not stuck with a fixed size applet. So the user can view questions completely using a floating window instead of viewing them in the applet and having to scroll down to see the complete question.

The floating window has the same features as of the applet. Click on the "Dock" button to bring back the test center as an applet.

QuizPro in Float Mode

5: Help : Clicking this button launches this help file.

6: More Button (...) :   This button shows the question in a new window which can be maximized so as to let the user read the question easily. Simply close the window to return to the applet.

7: Mark : One of the most important features, Mark allows the user to mark a question and proceed without answering it to the next question. At any time, the user can move between the marked questions by using "Previous marked" and "Next marked" buttons. The idea of the mark button is to let the user quickly and easily come back to the questions which have not been answered or needed some special reasoning.  A report of all marked buttons can be viewed in the Test map also.

8: Previous Marked Button : Takes the user to the first marked question before the current question.

9: Next Marked Button :   Takes the user to the first marked question after the current question.

Takes the user to the question immediately preceding the current question.

Takes the user to the question immediately succeeding the current question.

12: Submit Button :  Once the test is completed by the user, the submit button is used to let the applet know that the test can now be evaluated. Clicking the submit button provides the user with a report of the test. The following section looks at the test report.

13. The About QuizPro Button : This button brings up a dialog with copyright information and a link to If you would like to use this applet on your website, please write an email to .


The Test report

Test Report

The report provides information about the type of test taken, the time elapsed, the average time per question and also provides a grade to the user. The list of questions and whether the answer provided was right. wrong or the question was not attempted is shown in the report. At this point the user can continue on and see the answers to the questions by clicking on the "Show Answers" button. If the user decides to quit, the "Finish" button can be used.

The report provides the following useful information about the test  :

  • A grade : The grade information based on percentages is provided at the right top corner of the same screen.
  • Average time taken per question : This information is displayed just after the grade information.
  • The details of the test (exactly as appears in the information screen before the start of the test).
  • The Result of the test
    • Number of correctly answered questions.
    • Number of wrongly answered questions.
    • Number of questions that were not attempted.
    • The percentage, based on the total number of questions in the test, irrespective of whether they were answered or not.
    • Total time taken to answer the test.
  • The details of each question in a table format. Clicking on any of the rows on the table takes the user directly to the question clicked on.

Show Answers button : If "Show Answers" is clicked, the test center takes the user back to the first question and lets the user browse through the questions while at the same time, displaying the correct answers and whether the answer provided was right or wrong. The following picture shows the applet displaying the answer to a question.

Show Anwsers


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