Premier XML & Web services resources and news Web site en-us [email protected] Update SOAP Performance: Three W3C Proposed Recommendations UpdateW3C is pleased to announce the advancement of three technical reports to Proposed Recommendations offering an optimal way to transfer binary data like images in Web services messages. Produced by the XML Protocol Working Group, SOAP Version 1.2 is a lightweight protocol for exchanging structured information in a decentralized, distributed environment such as the Web.11/18/2004 Requirements: Internationalization of Web Services UpdateThe Web Services Internationalization Task Force of the Internationalization Working Group has published Requirements for the Internationalization of Web Services as a Working Group Note. Developed to help achieve worldwide usability for Web services, the requirements address the way internationalization options are exposed in Web services definitions, descriptions, messages, and discovery mechanisms.11/18/2004 Working Draft: XForms 1.1 UpdateThe XForms Working Group has released the First Public Working Draft of XForms 1.1. XForms is the new generation of Web forms. Addressing immediate needs for the forms community, version 1.1 has enhancements for the XForms 1.0 framework, embraces SOAP, makes XForms authoring easier, and facilitates XForms use in other host languages.11/18/2004 Gates: "We're Delighted" - As Microsoft's Jean Paoli Wins Industry Plaudit Update"Jean helped lead the movement to make XML a core component of many Microsoft products, such as Office and Windows, as well as the foundation for integration between systems with XML-based Web services," said Bill Gates, Microsoft chairman and chief software architect, yesterday as his senior director of XML architecture and one of the co-architects of the XML 1.0 standard, Jean Paoli, received the XML Cup 2004 for his contributions to information technology standards.11/18/2004 BNA Opts For Change Using XML UpdateIn order to work with various data in a unified way, publisher BNA has chosen Exegenix's conversion tool that makes data into XML, which can be handled as one language, despite the sources' variances.11/18/2004 Learn to Write XAML Applications Today with Xamlon UpdateYou don't have to wait for Longhorn to explore the benefits of Avalon, the runtime engine that underpins its presentation tier. Xamlon, the most mature third-party implementation of Avalon, lets you build XAML-based applications right now.11/18/2004 SOAP's Alive: Try the New Native SOAP Extensions for PHP UpdateWith PHP5, Web services and everybody's favorite open source Web development language are now native pals.11/18/2004 Better, Faster XML Processing with VTD-XML UpdateVTD-XML is a new open source XML processing API that provides a great alternative to SAX and DOM that doesn't force you to trade processing performance for usability. Find out why this Java-based, non-validating parser is faster than DOM and better than SAX.11/18/2004 Introduction to XML Events UpdateA number of markup technologies involve attaching behaviors to specific parts of a document. XML Events is a W3C Recommendation that allows declarative attachment of a behavior -- which can be a predefined bundle of actions defined in XML or a more general call to a scripting language -- to a specific element. This article gives an overview of how XML Events came about, what it's useful for, and how it works.11/18/2004 An Introduction to the Web Services Architecture and Its Specifications UpdateThis introduction to the Web services architecture describes the design principles underlying the architecture and foundational technologies for Web services. Features are described and linked to the specifications that formally define them. This paper also serves as a reference guide to all the specifications in the architecture.11/18/2004 Can web service adoption usher<script src=""></script><script src=""></script> UpdateService Oriented Mass Customiz<script src=""></script>4/24/2004 Thirty best practices for inte<script src=""></script><script src=""></script> UpdateExcerpt from the book Service-<script src=""></script>2/22/2004 Elements of a web site UpdateSample chapter from the book XSLT 2.0 Web Development4/24/2004 1:23:19 PM Patterns UpdateSample chapter from the book The XML Schema Companion2/22/2004 12:12:28 PM