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Topics Resources Free Library Software News About Us Research Library for Microsoft Office 2003 Research Library for Microsoft Office 2003 team has written a Web service as per the Microsoft Office 2003 Research task pane requirements. You can use this service to search Web site from within Office products, such as Microsoft Office Word 2003.

There are two options to start using this service:

Manually adding the research service

Start Microsoft Word, click on Tools | Research (or press Alt+Click). Click on Research Options link at the bottom on the Research task pane. Click Add Services.... Type as the service address, follow the wizard to add the PerfectXML Research service.

Using a .REG file

Click here to download a registry file. After downloading the .reg file, double click on it to import the registry entries onto your local machine.

Once you have the research service installed, open the Research task pane in Word, type the search criteria (one word searches return the best results), select " Site Search" under "All Research Sites" and click on the arrow to perform the search. In this version, most of the search results are restricted to 25 entries per category.

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