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XML/Web Services 100 Interview Questions - Part 1 of 5
Making Sense of Direct Internet Message Encapsulation (DIME)
Exporting SQL Data as XML
Importing XML into SQL Server 2000
XML & Binary Data
ASP.NET Web Services Techniques
XML & Web Services Changes in .NET Framework 1.1
XML Q&A with Darshan Singh (December 2003)

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Build Real-Time Web Images: Use Microsoft's TerraService and MapPoint Web Services to start your own VS.NET-based mapping projects. 6/28/2004
Location-based Web services will play an increasingly important role as handheld devices gain carrier-based and GPS positioning capabilities. You can expect Microsoft, other map pr...
Real-World XML: Manipulate XML Data Easily with Integrated Readers and Writers in the .NET Framework 4/11/2003
In the .NET Framework, XmlTextReader and XmlTextWriter provide for XML-driven reading and writing operations. In this article, the author discusses the architecture of readers and ...

MSXML Ask a Question    (
I would like POST a binary data file from one server to the other. The way I am thinking is to Base64 encode the data using MSXML DOM and then POST using XMLHTTP to the remote serv...
Binary to Base64 using MSXML in C++: I have seen many Visual Basic examples on encoding/decoding binary data as Base64 using MSXML. Can you please provide a C++ example to i...
I would like to include a PDF file as part of my XML document. I am using MSXML DOM, but am not able to figure out how would I include the PDF/DOC files (basically binary data) as ...
When is Microsoft going to release the next update of MSXML? I have been using MSXML 4.0 (SP1), and would like to know if next version of MSXML would be available sometime soon?...
I have an XML document that contains binary data in the base64 encoded format. I create this binary data node using MSXML and hence it adds the xmlns:dt="urn:sch...
I am creating XML documents from the database. Sometimes, the MSXML parser fails to create/load this XML document with the error "Invalid Unicode Character". I am pretty sure it is...
I have an XML file that contains base64 encoded binary data (an image). I would like to write an ASP page that loads this XML file, gets the binary data and sends the image to the ...

Ask Team    (
How do I serialize an image file as XML in .NET?...

MSXML KB Articles    (
FIX: Access Violation in MSXML3.DLL When an HTTP Request Uses Basic Authentication
When you use XMLHTTP or ServerXMLHTTP with basic authentication and Base64 encoding, you may encounter an unhandled exception....
HOWTO: Create XML Documents with Binary Data in Visual Basic
XML schema defines the ability to create an XML node as either bin.base64 or bin.hex, which are two forms of encoded binary. This article shows an example of how to create a XML ...
FIX: MSXML Does Not Parse Slash Mark Character with Base64 Encoded Data
When you parse or load XML base64 encoded data with the MSXML parser version 2.0a and the data contains the slash mark (/) character, you may receive the following error message: ...

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SOAP::Lite (SOAP Toolkits)
Wingfoot SOAP (SOAP Toolkits)
SOAP::Lite for Perl (XML Web Services)
PocketSOAP (XML Web Services)
Wingfoot SOAP (XML Web Services)
JCSI XMLDsig (XML/Web Services Security)

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