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home » software » XPath Tools Tue, Feb 19, 2008
XPath Tools

Name Environment Purchase Info Hits Today Hits Total
Visual XPath  (Nauman Leghari)
A graphical way of generating

Microsoft Windows Free 1 13294
XPathTool  (Wui Cheong Enterprise Inc. (Kh)
This tool is meant as a learni

Java Free 2 7734
XPath 1.0 (XSL Patterns)  (Aaron Skonnard)
Interactive Expression Builder

Browser based interface Free 1 6532
XML::XPath  (Matt Sergeant)
A set of modules for parsing a

Perl Free (GNU GPL) 1 4035
4XPath  (FourThought)
XML path processing library.

Python Open Source 2 3439
XPath interface for XT  (Takuki Kamiya)

Java Free 3 3310
XPath 1.0 Compressor  (Aaron Skonnard)
Abbreviates XPath 1.0 Verbose

Browser based intrface Free 3 3184
Jaxen  (Bob Mcwhirter & James Strachan)
Java XPath Engine

Java Apache-style open source licen 2 2836
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