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home » software » Search Engines Tue, Feb 19, 2008
Search Engines

Name Environment Purchase Info Hits Today Hits Total
XML Query Engine  (Fatdog Software)
XML Query Engine (XQEngine for

Java Commercial (evaluation version 2 5510
TEXTML Server  (IXIA, inc)
n XML database whose purpose i

Microsoft Windows Commercial; free evaluation ve 0 5032
GoXML™ Search  (XML Global Technologies)
Part of the GoXML™ Foundation

Linux 2.2, Solaris 8 Commercial (Evaluation version 1 4965
XRS: XML Retrieval System  (Dongwook Shin)
An XML search engine that is a

Solaris Free 1 2789
Sgrep  (Jani Jaakkola & Pekka Kilpeläi)
Sgrep is a convenient tool for

Windows/Unix Open source (GNU) 2 2787
Kweelt  (Arnaud Sahuguet)
A framework to query XML data.

Java Open Source (GNU) 3 2751
The Functional XML Querying To  (Andreas Neumann)
A powerful XML querying tool.

Unix Free 1 2687
XPS™  (Sequoia Software Corporation)
Gives you quick and easy acces

Microsoft Windows Commercial 1 2573
XDisect  (PyBiz Software)
The pinnacle of next generatio

Microsoft Windows, Linux, Cald Commercial, Evaluation version 1 2531
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