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home » software » XML Parsers and Processors Sun, Mar 9, 2008
XML Parsers and Processors

Name Environment Purchase Info Hits Today Hits Total
MSXML  (Microsoft Corporation
High-performance XML parser wh

Microsoft Windows Free 1 15654
Expat XML Parser  (Clark Cooper)
An XML parser library written<

C Free 0 10580
Xerces  (Apache Software Foundation
XML parsers in Java, C++ (with

Java, C++ Free 0 10566
XML for C++ parser (XML4C)  (IBM Alphaworks)
Three shared C++ libraries wit

Learn more about XML for C++ parser (XML4C) 

Free AIX,Linux,Solaris,Windows,HP-U 0 8607
TinyXML  (Tom Gibara)
An open-source non-validating<

Java Open Source 1 5932
XML Parser for Java   (IBM Corporation)
A validating XML parser writte

Linux, All Java Platforms Free 0 5749
CMarkup  (First Objective Software (firs)
Small C++ source code class fo

C++ (STL), Visual C++ (MFC) Commercial Developer License,< 1 5490
Oracle XML Developer's Kits  (Oracle Corporation
Supporting Java, C, C++ and PL

Learn more about Oracle XML Developer's Kits 

Java, C++, PL/SQL Free deployment and distributi 0 5325
XML Validator  (ElCel Technology)
A validating XML processor

Microsoft Windows and Linux Free 0 5264
XML Parser for PL/SQL   (Oracle Corporation
XML parser/XSL processor with<

Oracle 8i Free deployment and distributi 0 5056
XMLPartner  (TurboPower Software Company
XMLPartner 2.5 helps add the p

Microsoft Windows Commercial 0 4805
libxml, a.k.a. gnome-xml  (Daniel Veillard)
The XML C library for Gnome
Learn more about libxml, a.k.a. gnome-xml 

Unix/Linux/Windows Free 0 4764
XML for wxWindows  (Sterling Design)
An open source, static C++ lib

wxWindows (C++ cross platform< Free 0 4615
Xparse  (Jeremie)
Xparse is a fully compliant* w

JavaScript Free 0 4311
XML Engine  (ElfData (Theodore H. Smith)
Parse, render, analyse, create

Macintosh See details for purchase info. 0 4005
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