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home » software » Content Management » B-Bop Xfinity Suite Mon, Oct 22, 2007
B-Bop Xfinity Suite

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Product:  B-Bop Xfinity Suite

Provides a scalable, high-volume XML data server for integrating, managing and sharing dynamic content for Web-based solutions for Multi-target publishing (Web/Wireless), Reporting, e-Learning, e-Commerce document management and Portals.
Category:  Content Management
Details:  Xfinity Server is an ideal platform for businesses who want to rapidly deploy scalable solutions using XML, the new standard for managing and distributing content on the Web.

B-Bop Xfinity Author Server
Provides a highly flexible Web-based environment including configurable workflow to streamline Web publishing processes.It includes seamless Microsoft Word and Excel-to-XML conversion allowing business users to create re-usable XML content. Combined with Xfinity Server it delivers a complete solution for enabling business users to publish business critical content directly to the Web.

B-Bop Xfinity Author wX
B-Bop Xfinity Author wX is an easy-to-use add-on to Microsoft Word that enables users to create structured content in XML using the familiar Word authoring environment.
More Information:
Developer:  B-Bop Associates, Inc.
Purchase Info: 
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