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home » software » Content Management » SiberSafe Mon, Oct 22, 2007

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Product:  SiberSafe

Collaboration on large XML or Java files made possible by fragment level locking. Interoperates with SourceSafe, CVS and MKS Source Integrity archives. C and C++ developers can also enjoy the benefits of SiberSafe.
Category:  Content Management
Details:  SiberSafe provides a powerful central repository managed by the SiberSafe Server where all code and content assets are stored. Depending on their needs, clients on the user workstation gain access to the artifacts using any one of a Win32 client or a browser-based client. In addition, SiberSafe functionality can be integrated in many authoring tools either via the SCC interface or via a custom integration.

SiberSafe supports interoperation with other repositories. SiberSafe can be used both as a standalone product and as an extension to such systems as Microsoft SourceSafe, MKS SourceIntegrity and Cyclic CVS. Even if your team has files stored in in these other repositories, you can still take advantage of the powerful SiberSafe, SiberLink, or SiberShare features. Team members can opt for either UI while the team retains the benefits provided by SiberShare and SiberLink.

The key features of SiberSafe are:
  • Full Version Control GUI
  • Win32 Client
  • Browser Based Client
  • Complete History of changes to the fragment level
  • Tree view of repository contents
  • Supports serial development (strict locking), parallel development (Branch & merge), and component based development (the last two in conjunction with SiberLink)
  • Tight integration with three way difference and merge tool (SiberMerge)
  • Provides full tracability and auditability of changes
  • Repository access control managed by the server
  • User authentication via password
  • Close integration with various development environments (Visual Studio, Visual Cafe, etc.) via Microsoft SCC API.
  • Fully Independent Archives
  • Remote access via thick client or via browser
  • Versioning of all objects (files for fragments)
  • Locking to any required granularity (file or fragment)
  • JDBC interface to Database component
  • User specified XML document storage and versioning granularity
  • User specified storage and versioning granularity of Java files
More Information:
Developer:  SiberLogic Inc.
Environment:  Microsoft Windows
Purchase Info:  Commercial, Trial version available for download
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