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home » software » Content Management » Advantage CMS Mon, Oct 22, 2007
Advantage CMS

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Product:  Advantage CMS

World-class content and digital asset management are available at a fixed, highly economical cost.
Category:  Content Management
Details:  CrownPeak's Advantage CMS delivers all of the features of a world-class content management system: source control, versioning, spell checking, link checking, comprehensive workflow, security monitoring features, multilingual interfaces, database management, and wireless compatibility in a 100 percent browser-based interface. The company's core technology is based on VBScript, ASP, JScript, DHTML, and JAVA COM objects, hosted in a highly redundant environment. Advantage CMS is compatible with standard HTML authoring applications such as FrontPage and Dreamweaver, and is fully XML/XSL compatible.

CrownPeak prepares all of the templates and interfaces for clients as part of the initial software set-up fee. The client then pays monthly to "lease" the software as a service. Costs for set-up and annual lease are a fraction of the cost of established "best-of-breed" packaged systems, ranging from half to one-tenth the cost. Advantage CMS is typically implemented in one to three weeks -- four to ten times faster than typical packaged solution deployment.

Advantage CMS is designed for the non-technical "subject matter expert", thereby giving the business user greater access and control over the Web presence. In an era of tight budgets, CrownPeak enables marketing and communications professionals to control costs and lighten the IT burden that often accompanies traditional content management systems. We provide powerful features, such as user administration, workflow configuration, and template management through our administration system, for non-technical users to control. CrownPeak is an ASP with a customer-centric twist - the client continues to own and host the site, thereby ensuring maximum control and cost-effectiveness.

With CrownPeak, total cost of ownership also means taking advantage of the opportunity cost through enhanced, more efficient workflow. End-users and IT departments alike are spared the hidden costs of labor-intensive site updates, approvals, HTML coding, and so on. Because clients continue to own their own servers and website, no changes to existing hardware, software, or network environments are required. Additionally, CrownPeak keeps source code in escrow, ensuring continuity of access to Web services in the event of a business failure.
More Information:
Developer:  CrownPeak Technology
Environment:  Microsoft Windows
Purchase Info:  Commercial
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