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home » software » XML Parsers and Processors » XML Validator Tue, Oct 23, 2007
XML Validator

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Product:  XML Validator

A validating XML processor
Category:  XML Parsers and Processors
Details:  The ElCel Technology XML Validator is a free command-line utility built using our C++ XML Toolkit.

As its name implies, this is a validating XML processor. Even though it is free, it is a powerful and useful program. It has been designed to highlight some of the features of the underlying library and it allows you to see for yourself the speed and accuracy of our XML Toolkit.

A short check-list of features are:
  • any number of files can be validated in one go
  • it can act as a validating processor or a well-formedness checker
  • it can recover from errors and go on to report further errors
  • it can print out erroneous lines with an indicator of where the problem lies
  • namespace support can be enabled as desired
  • input files can be read from standard input, the local file system or via HTTP URLs
  • it can easily be used in batch scripts, operating in "quiet" mode if required
  • it is available in binary form for both Windows and Linux
More Information:
Developer:  ElCel Technology
Environment:  Microsoft Windows and Linux
Purchase Info:  Free
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