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home » software » Application to Application Products » webMethods B2Bi Solution Suite Tue, Oct 23, 2007
webMethods B2Bi Solution Suite

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Product:  webMethods B2Bi Solution Suite

Leverage a Complete and Effective Integration Software Package
Category:  Application to Application Products
Details:  The webMethods B2Bi Solution Suite is a comprehensive software platform that delivers rapid results for the most challenging business-to-business integration (B2Bi) initiatives. Proven successful at Dell, FedEx, Grainger and other high-profile companies, the webMethods B2Bi Solution Suite's powerful infrastructure quickly and seamlessly automates business processes within the enterprise and with key customers and trading partners over the Internet.

Global 2000 companies and leading B2B trading exchanges are leveraging the webMethods B2Bi Solution Suite to create highly effective trading networks and achieve a fast return on investment. They see the bottom-line value of streamlined operations, reduced inventory and expenses, improved customer service and loyalty, and increased revenues.

Based on open standards, the webMethods B2Bi Solution Suite includes everything required to link existing ERP, financial, CRM, mainframe and other systems inside the enterprise. The reliable, highly secure infrastructure also extends those links across firewalls, making it possible to implement, manage and maintain e-business relationships with thousands of trading partners.

webMethods B2B fully automates real-time, bidirectional exchange between disparate applications, even within the most diverse trading communities. With speed and ease webMethods B2B integrates procurement, supply chain management, customer relations and other key applications, regardless of existing technology at either end.

webMethods for Trading Networks lets companies build, manage and analyze high-volume, real-time trading networks and exchanges serving thousands of trading partners. The dynamic management capabilities increase visibility across the entire trading network, providing real-time business views into trading partner interactions.

webMethods Enterprise is a complete, scalable solution for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). In real time it enables rapid, seamless integration of business processes and applications throughout the enterprise.

webMethods Mainframe Integration Server provides fast, scalable access to host-based data and CICS and IMS transactions - without the risky, costly and time-consuming source code modifications typical in other mainframe integration projects.

webMethods offers adapters for more than 60 industry-leading enterprise applications and systems, plus packaged integrations that can cut deployment time up to 50 percent:

webMethods Adapters enable reusable integration processes, reduce the complexity of integrating applications and eliminate custom programming.

webMethods Packaged Integrations provide out-of-the-box business process solutions which can be easily customized to reflect unique business rules and application configurations - simply by using webMethods' graphic process modeling tools.

Using the webMethods B2Bi Solution Suite, companies share critical data and exchange high volumes of transactions with trusted, authorized trading partners without a second thought. Encryption, authentication and other high-security features safeguard intercompany data and ensure the privacy and integrity of each transaction. Enterprise-strength load balancing and failover capabilities promise fast, once-and-only-once document delivery. All the while, a scalable architecture guarantees future interoperability: end-to-end, partner-to-partner
More Information:
Developer:  webMethods, Inc.
Environment:  Java (JDK 1.1.6 or higher - JVM 2.02 or higher)
Purchase Info:  Commercial (evaluation version available)
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