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home » software » XML Parsers and Processors » XML Parser for PL/SQL Tue, Oct 23, 2007
XML Parser for PL/SQL

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Product:  XML Parser for PL/SQL

XML parser/XSL processor with error recovery, support for namespaces, the XSLT 1.0 Recommendation, DOM 1.0, and a large number of encoding sets.
Category:  XML Parsers and Processors
Details:  The XML Parser for PL/SQL makes developing XML applications with Oracle8i a simplified and standardized process. With the PL/SQL interface, Oracle shops familiar with PL/SQL will be able to extend existing applications to take advantage of XML as needed. And since the Parser is implemented in PL/SQL and Java, it can run "out of the box" on the Oracle8i Java VM. It supports the XML 1.0 specification, with the goal being that it be 100% fully conformant, and can be used both as a validating or non-validating parser. In addition, it provides the two most common APIís developers need for processing XML documents: the W3C-recommended Document Object Model (DOM) and the XSLT Final Working Draft. This makes writing custom applications that process XML documents straightforward in the Oracle8i environment, and means that a standards-compliant XML parser is part of the Oracle8i platform on every operating system where Oracle8i is ported.

Oracle XML Parser for PL/SQL Features
  • Supports validation and non-validation modes
  • Built-in Error Recovery until fatal error
  • Supports W3C XML 1.0 Recommendation
  • Supports the W3C XSLT Final Working Draft
  • Integrated Document Object Model (DOM) Level 1.0 API
  • Supports documents in the following Oracle database encodings:
    UTF-8 BIG 5
    US-ASCII GB2312
  • EUC-JP ISO-2022-JP
  • EUC-KR ISO-2022-KR
  • KOI8-R ISO-8859-1to -9
  • EBCDIC-CP-* Shift_JIS
More Information:
Developer:  Oracle Corporation
Environment:  Oracle 8i
Purchase Info:  Free deployment and distribution
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