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home » software » XML Editors » XMetaL Tue, Oct 23, 2007

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Product:  XMetaL

XMetaL's word-processor like interface makes it easy for anyone to create XML content, or convert documents from other formats, including Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.
Category:  XML Editors
Details:  . XMetaL is the most advanced, yet easy to use XML content creation solution and is the premier platform for developing XML content applications. It provides the power and flexibility you need to create and work with XML content within a real world production environment. Combining state-of-the-art XML editing features, and an ideal front-end to your applications, XMetaL makes it easy for your entire user base to create content.

Designed to streamline content creation, XMetaL is easily tailored for your users, integrated into your XML applications, and deployed across your organization. It's already being used to put XML to work at leading organizations like, Lucent Technologies, and Continental Airlines.

Three Editing Views:
  • Normal Word-processor style editing Industry-standard Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for display formatting
  • Plain-Text Full featured Text view with tag and attribute insertion dialogs Auto formatting and color coding of XML source
  • Tags On View and edit both layout and XML tags in the same interface Tags On table editing Tag tips display all attributes that have been set on a tag
Attribute Inspector & Element List
  • Complete access to all element attributes
  • Context sensitive display shows valid elements and attributes
  • Drag and drop text, images, URLs, and more
Extensive Authoring Aids
  • Keyboard macros & shortcuts
  • Mini templates
  • Spell check & Thesaurus
  • Tag tips show all attribute values
  • Inline ActiveX controls
More Information:
Developer:  SoftQuad Software, Ltd.
Environment:  Microsoft Windows
Purchase Info:  Commercial (evaluation version available)
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