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home » software » XML Editors » Emilé Tue, Oct 23, 2007

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Product:  Emilé

The Extensible Markup Editor for Mac
Category:  XML Editors
Details:  Emilé (TM) by Media Design in·Progress is the first XML editor for Macintosh. Emilé is used to author documents using extensible markup. Extensible Markup Language (XML) allows the use of custom elements in addition to or in place of HTML tags, and provides many other features for better content management.

Emilé provides menus and dialogs for efficient XML markup. The editor automatically adapts to the current document type (DTD) and is context-sensitive to facilitate correct markup.

Emilé can be used for creating documents for Interaction websites, or to author content for the XPublish website publishing system. Both applications generate standard HTML pages from XML documents, so that you can benefit from the productivity and flexibility of extensible markup while keeping the site accessible for older browsers.

Emilé Lite enables developers to work with XML, without requiring a detailed knowledge of the XML specification. This is accomplished by providing dialogs for custom tags and common markup constructs. Emilé integrates a clone of the comprehensive Emacs text editor using a graphical user interface. The editor adapts the user interface to the document type declaration (DTD), creating a custom authoring environment.

Emilé Lite supports editing with Extensible HTML (XHTML). Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 supports XML, as will the upcoming release of Netscape Navigator 5.0. The editor can export an XML document as HTML, enabling developers to take advantage of XML while supporting older web browsers.
More Information:
Developer:  Media Design in·Progress
Environment:  Macintosh
Purchase Info:  Commercial, Demo version available for download
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