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home » software » XML Editors » Visual XML Writer Tue, Aug 14, 2007
Visual XML Writer

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Product:  Visual XML Writer

A Software Product from eInternet Studios
Category:  XML Editors
Details:  Visual XML Writer is a industry leading-edge solution for XML-based software development. A developer can use Visual XML Writer to easily create and manage XML, XSL Stylesheets, Document Type Definitions (DTD's), Schemas, and Active Server Page (ASP) scripts. It provides an easy-to-use integrated development environment that suits the needs of both experienced XML coders, but also developers new to web and XML technology.

Visual XML Writer builds upon the foundation provided by Microsoft's MSXML parser technology to validate and transform documents. Database integration is provided using Microsoft's ActiveX Database Objects (ADO), which allows the developer to easily query relational databases and export the results to XML. Developers can create, edit, and save database queries. The built-in scripting wizard will create an ASP script that queries a datasource, exports the results to XML, and transforms the data using an XSL stylesheet.

Also included are intellisense pop-up menus, auto-complete XML tags, and complete documentation of the XSL document model. An extensive help system containing developer tutorials is also included.
More Information:
Developer:  eInternet Studios
Environment:  Microsoft Windows
Purchase Info:  Commercial, Evaluation version available for download.
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