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home » software » XML Editors » XML Cooktop® Tue, Aug 14, 2007
XML Cooktop®

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Product:  XML Cooktop®

A development environment for authoring, editing, and testing XSLT style sheets, XML documents, DTDs, and XPATHs
Category:  XML Editors
Details:  XML Cooktop is a development environment for authoring, editing, and testing XSLT style sheets, XML documents, DTDs, and XPATHs.


  • Extensible

    • Support for external tools, such as XSL processors, XML formatters, and web browsers

  • Color-Coded XML editing

    • Ability to open files via URL

    • Checks well-formedness and validates XML documents.  DTD and XDR only.  No XSD until MSXML4 ships.

    • Various text-entry short cuts -- see Help/Keyboard Map for a complete list

    • Extensible library of Code Bits, which are cataloged text fragments that can be inserted into any document and shared with other users.  Code Bits can insert code around selected xml.  For example, you can select some XML and insert xsl:for-each element around it.

    • XML Navigator - Ctrl+3

    • Spell checker (requires MS Word)

    • Automatically remembers the pairs of xml/xsl files used and can group them into files called "workspaces"

    • File Open dialog allows XML and XSL file to be opened at the same time via "multi select"

    • Custom file extensions for xml, xsl, and dtd files

    • "Bookmarks" let you mark lines in a document for easy identification

  • XPATH Support

    • Extraction of XML tags and XPATHs - Ctrl+2

    • XPATH testing and generation

  • Stylesheet testing

    • Displays generated HTML in browser window (integrated or external)

    • Support for multilevel XSL includes and imports

    • XSLT Run-Time Parameters

  • Document formatters and reports

    • XML Indenting

    • MS XSL to XSLT converter

  • Peer-to-peer features

    • Sharing of Code-Bits and Web Favorites

    • One-on-one chat and anonymous group chat

  • Integrated web browsing

    • Extensible library of XML and XSLT related resources on the net

More Information:
Developer:  Victor Pavlov (
Environment:  Microsoft Windows
Purchase Info:  FREE
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