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home » software » XML Editors » XML Origin Editor Mon, Aug 13, 2007
XML Origin Editor

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Product:  XML Origin Editor

A powerful Unicode aware XML editing solution with substantial XSLT authoring and debugging support.
Category:  XML Editors
Details:  The XML Origin Editor is a comprehensive XML editing solution with substantial XSLT authoring and debugging facilities. With the increasing use of XML as the storage format of choice, the XML transformation language, XSLT, has become the way for converting XML data into alternative formats. XML Origin combines a powerful XML authoring solution with a fully featured XSLT debugger to provide a complete solution for XML data workers.

XML Origin features a Unicode aware editor that uses full color syntax highlighting to aid quick understanding an XML document. It also includes a document structure window to further simplify navigation. The editor can validate documents; generate a DTD for a document and even tidy up a documents layout. Document editing is quick and painless thanks to document aware auto completion.

The XSLT debugger works either with its own XSLT processor or with processors supported by Microsoft and Apache. The debugging environment will be familiar to many programmers and web-designers because of its classic facilities, including breakpoints, call stack display, watch window and variable window. The combination of features brings XSLT development out of the dark ages and makes it as easy as writing XML.

The editor supports full syntax highlighting, auto-completion, document validation and automatic schema generation. XML transformations can be performed either via an in-built processor or with Microsoft and Apache processors. The debugger environment offers classic features such as breakpoint, call stack display, watch window and variable window.
More Information:
Developer:  TFI Technology Ltd.
Environment:  Microsoft Windows
Purchase Info:  Commercial (Eval copy available for download)
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