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home » software » XSLT Editors » XML Spy Sun, Oct 14, 2007

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Product:  XML Spy

XML Spy now includes full XSL capabilities that range from editing through transformation to viewing the output and thus allows for a complete round-trip work-style.
Category:  XSLT Editors
Details:  XSL Editing: While it is possible to edit XSL files in the enhanced grid view, most users will probably prefer the text view, because it lends itself easily to this kind of programming work.

XML Spy has a built-in knowledge of XSL and XHTML and provides you with context-sensitive entry helpers that allow you to create XSL files with ease.

XML Spy offers many different ways to initiate the actual XSLT transformation:
from any XML file that includes a <?xsl-stylesheet....?> processing instruction
from any XSL stylesheet using a sample XML document of your choice
from the project view for any group of XML files

You can either use the new MSXML3 module provided by Microsoft to perform your XSLT transformation or choose any other external XSLT processor of your choice.

This enables you to build powerful web site that utilize XSL to its full extent. But XML Spy doesn't restrict you to XHTML or HTML output at all! You can produce XSLT files that generate any arbitrary textual output and still use XML Spy to view the resulting files, becaue XML Spy can also open and edit any non-XML text file.

If you intend to server your content to an XML-aware browser (such as Internet Explorer 5.x), you may also want to simply include a reference to your XSL stylesheet in the actual XML document.
More Information:
Developer:  Altova
Environment:  Microsoft Windows
Purchase Info:  Commercial (evaluation version available)
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