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home » software » XSLT Editors » xslide Sun, Oct 14, 2007

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Product:  xslide

Emacs Major Mode for XSL Stylesheets
Category:  XSLT Editors
Details:  Features of xslide revision 0.2b3 include:
  • XSL customization group for setting some variables;
  • Initial stylesheet inserted into empty XSL buffers;
  • "Template" menu for jumping to template rules, named templates, key declarations, and attribute-set declarations in the buffer;
  • xsl-process function that runs an XSL processor and collects the output;
  • Predefined xsl-process command line templates and error regexps for Java and Windows executable versions of both XT and Saxon;
  • Font lock highlighting so that the important information stands out;
  • xsl-complete function for inserting element and attribute names;
  • xsl-insert-tag function for inserting matching start- and end-tags;
  • Automatic completion of end-tags with user-definable indentation step;
  • Comprehensive abbreviations table to further ease typing.
  • xslide is a work in progress. Code contributions and suggestions for improvements are always welcome.
More Information:
Developer:  Mulberry Technologies
Environment:  Emacs
Purchase Info:  Free
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