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home » software » XSLT Editors » XSpLit Sun, Oct 14, 2007

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Product:  XSpLit

Splits HTML files into an XML DTD and XSL stylesheet.
Category:  XSLT Editors
Details:  Tool that splits HTML files into an XML DTD and XSL stylesheet. The XML DTD can then be used to create XML documents that, when the XSL stylesheet is applied, look the same as the original HTML file. The HTML must have user-added labels that describe the content. XSpLit currently ships as part of rhythmyx but can be run separately after the Rhythmyx installation.

It takes any standard HTML file and splits it automatically into two related XML files. The first file contains the content definition for that page and is commonly referred to as an XML DTD, the second contains the format definitions for that page, your XSL style sheet. Once split, the static formatting (XSL) can be reapplied to any new content file (XML) you generate. When combined, the two files produce formatted HTML pages. These pages look the same as your original HTML files, but can now contain any new content. In addition, any content you now have "trapped" inside HTML files can be easily split from formatting for use as "raw" XML anywhere you need it.

All this, and you didn't even have to learn how to author XML documents, XSL style sheets or anything new. With XSpLit you can use your existing knowledge of HTML while taking full advantage of XML and its associated technologies
More Information:
Developer:  Percussion Software, Inc.
Environment:  Microsoft Windows
Purchase Info:  Free
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