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home » software » XSLT Engines » XSLJIT Sun, Oct 21, 2007

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Product:  XSLJIT

Wirespeed XML performance: Trials show 12 times faster XML processing using XSL just-in-time compiler technology.
Category:  XSLT Engines
Details:  XSLJIT(tm) is a patent-pending technology developed by DataPower Technology, Inc. to greatly optimize the speed of XSL processing. XSLJIT dynamically generates highly optimized machine code at runtime to perform the XSL transformation described by a particular XSL file. This Just-In-Time dynamic code generation is not unlike the advanced optimization techniques used in JIT compilers for java, but the technology is actually very different because XSLT has a processing model completely unlike that of a traditional procedural programming language.

It is important to note that from the userís perspective, there is no observable difference, other than performance, between an interpreting XSLT processor and the XSLJIT. No special post-processing is required when developing or modifying XSL stylesheets, so flexibility and compatibility is completely preserved. The same XSL transform can be used in both XSLJIT and traditional XSLT processor without any special conversion or source-generation steps. The author of the XSL and the XSL user do not even have to know that XSLJIT will be employed at runtime, and it is expected that in many cases XSLJIT technology would be added later to seamlessly remove performance bottlenecks. This compatibility is a key differentiator between some of the other XSLT optimization efforts and XSLJIT technology.

* Orders-of-magnitude XSLT performance improvements
* Completely transparent to both developers and users
* Preserves the dynamic nature and flexibility offered by XSLT interpreters

System Requirements:
* This information is currently available to DataPower partners

* See our announcement of early performance trials
* XA35 XML Acceleration Router is powered by XSLJIT
* Look for announcements of other XSLJIT technology-powered products in Q3 2001
* Potential partners or licensees, please contact DataPower today
More Information:
Developer:  DataPower Technology, Inc.
Purchase Info: 
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