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home » software » DTD/Schema Editors and Tools » Envision XML Sun, Oct 21, 2007
Envision XML

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Product:  Envision XML

Harness the Power of XML for e-Business
Category:  DTD/Schema Editors and Tools
Details:  Envision XML is the only industrial-strength graphical XML schema editor available. It allows you to create, manage and deploy XML schema in a quick and easy-to-use environment. This allows you to establish greater efficiency internally and offer a common ground for electronic data exchange between your organization, suppliers, and customers over the net. With its robust data dictionary, you can Share and reuse XML components and Propagate consistent schema standards.

Envision XML is a true graphical editor, in that not only do you see the structure of your XML schema in a hierarchical format but you can easily manipulate objects within the tool. The design and deployment of XML schema can be easily communicated to and understood by all stakeholders. Because you work on the models and not the script itself you are guaranteed that syntactically correct schema is produced every time. The time savings speak for themselves

XML schema can be large and very complex. Without Envision XML, the creation and management of many schema can prove unwieldy. With drag-and-drop diagram creation and a data dictionary, identifying usage of elements and attributes is simplified. Existing XML schema can be imported into the tool and validated, stored and maintained. The data dictionary provides you with the ability to gain a high level of reuse to further increase your productivity and efficiency.

An Envision XML diagram is independent of XML grammar. This means that you can produce any grammar (e.g. BizTalk, DTD, XML Schema) without having to redraw your models or worry about obsolescence.

The following schema systems are supported at this time:

Other widely used XML schema will be supported in future releases. So if you ever want to adapt new standards, the tool automatically lets you to make the switch.

Envision XML provides validation during the design process to ensure the accuracy of work-in-progress.
When creating schema diagrams the system prevents the user from creating invalid conditions
The destination grammar is examined before it is exported into the XML schema

More Information:
Developer:  Popkin Software
Environment:  Microsoft Windows
Purchase Info:  Commercial
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