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home » software » Search Engines » XRS: XML Retrieval System Fri, Jul 13, 2007
XRS: XML Retrieval System

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Product:  XRS: XML Retrieval System

An XML search engine that is able to retrieve any elements a user wants very effectively.
Category:  Search Engines
Details:  XRS is an XML search engine that is able to retrieve any elements a user wants very effectively. Unlike other XML search engines that get back whole XML documents to you, you can impose conditions on any elements with weights and get back relevant elements efficiently.

XRS uses a couple of new techniques that have been recently developed. One of those is the BUS (Bottom Up Scheme) technique developed for indexing and retrieving structured documents efficiently (Shin 98). BUS indexes only at the leaf elements in a DTD structure, whereas the index information of the intermediate elements is computed at retrieval time with accumulating those of the leaf elements nested in the intermediate ones. By doing so, it allows a user to compose structural queries depending on the DTD structure in a more flexible way than other Web search engines do and get search results quickly.

Secondly, XRS uses a Java component that renders the XML output into the HTML. It facilitates that a user without an XML enabled browser can view the search results retrieved back from the search engine. The rendering component is connected with Query Mediator servlet that resides in the server and mediates the user and the back-end search engine. If a search result is in XML, for instance an XML element itself, the Query Mediator servlet makes it pass through the rendering component. Otherwise it sends the result back directly to the GUI. The Query Mediator servlet calls the search engine made as the shared library with JNI interface.

In XRS, the GUI is programmed in Java applet, which communicates with the Query Mediator servlet on top of HTTP protocol.
More Information:
Developer:  Dongwook Shin
Environment:  Solaris
Purchase Info:  Free
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