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home » software » Native XML Databases » Tamino XML Server Tue, Aug 14, 2007
Tamino XML Server

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Product:  Tamino XML Server

A high performance information management platform based upon native XML storage and open standard Internet technologies.
Category:  Native XML Databases
Details:  Tamino XML Server - The Next-Generation XML Server - Version 3.1.1 now available!

  • Native XML Storage
  • Highest Performance
  • Access to External Data Sources
  • IT-Investment Protection
  • Scalability
  • Cost-Effective Administration

Database management has been at the core of information technology for a long time. An effective central repository for enterprise data and documents is essential for the operational success of most enterprises.

Software AG has a long history of providing this type of technology. For over 30 years, Software AG's Adabas DBMS has been known as a highly effective and reliable database management system and with Tamino XML Server V3.11, Software AG is continuing this tradition.

The Tamino XML Server core includes a native XML database and helps with finding and managing any type of content across the enterprise and enables rapid implementation of robust, high-performance mission-critical electronic business applications based on XML standards. This way it can efficiently store hierarchically structured XML documents natively, that is, without having to transform them into a relational, table-oriented format first. With further services, Tamino allows to expose information residing in various external XML or non-XML sources (legacy data) or applications to the outside world in XML format, and to search effectively on all information the XML server has access to. Additionally, the server functionality is fully customizable, i.e. easily and individually programmable through server extensions. Tamino XML Server's stunning performance, its query capabilities and its flexibility save a considerable amount of time as well as development and operational cost that would otherwise be spent for adapting traditional, yet XML-enabled solutions (RDBMS) to work effectively in an XML environment.

For testing purposes, Tamino XML Server can be obtained free of charge as part of the XML Starterkit via . Visit the Tamino DemoZone to find out more about what you can do with XML or register and get in immediate discussion with other XML developers via the public Tamino Developer Community under
More Information:
Developer:  Software AG
Environment:  Microsoft Windows (NT4.0 (SP6a), 2000 Professional/Server/Advanced Server(SP2)); Sun Solaris 7; AIX 4.3.3; HP-UX 11; SuSE Linux 7.1/7.2/Enterprise Server; SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 7 for S/390; Red Hat Linux 7.2; IBM OS/390;
Purchase Info:  Commercial
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