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home » software » Native XML Databases » NeoCore XMS Mon, Aug 13, 2007
NeoCore XMS

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Product:  NeoCore XMS

A fully transactional database that handles XML information natively. Scalable, Flexible, Extensible for e-business.
Category:  Native XML Databases
Details:  NeoCore® XML Management System (XMS) is a fully transactional native XML database system that serves as a bi-directional web server, accepting and returning XML documents and fragments via HTTP(S). It supports all basic database functions, including storage, delete, copy, and query for XML documents, and insert, modify, and query for XML data elements. NeoCore XMS is schema-independent. Unlike other data management systems, NeoCore XMS requires no database or schema design before using the system - rows, columns, tables, fields, or indexing instructions DO NOT need to be created before documents are added to the database. When new documents are added to the database, their structure and data – metadata and data – are derived and automatically indexed. Users then can change the structure of existing documents without database system redesign. This capability makes NeoCore XMS an information management system as opposed to a data management system. Specific features of NeoCore XMS include XPath-based query support, access control, user-defined document-level metadata, GUI-based administration, and session control.

NeoCore XMS uses a variant of XPath as its query language; query responses return elements, document fragments, full documents, and multiple documents. Queries can be made without knowing the document structure - context can be queried for data, and data can be queried for context. Boolean and wildcard options are fully supported and all query results are well-formed XML. Because NeoCore XMS uses Digital Pattern Processing, a patented technology that streamlines XML processing through the use of fixed fields, NeoCore XMS can scale to handle thousands of transactions a second over HTTP.

NeoCore XMS has built-in access control to set permissions at the document or fragment level, and at user or group levels. NeoCore XMS also supports access control by specifying IP addresses and supporting X.509 certificates via the iPlanet Web Server.

Interfaces to NeoCore XMS include HTTP(S)/SSL, Java, C++, and Microsoft COM. NeoCore XMS also can interface with existing databases through the X-Aware™ data integration tool.

NeoCore-based adaptive applications support changes in e-business requirements or upgrades in XML schemas without any physical database design, significantly increasing an application's extensibility and flexibility while dramatically reducing its time to market and total cost of ownership (TCO). With NeoCore's pattern-centric approach, NeoCore customers realize a competitive advantage through their ability to deploy high-performance, customizable applications that fully leverage valuable XML information. NeoCore XMS is uniquely distinguished by providing:
  • Extensibility and flexibility by supporting XML schema evolution and fine grain queries, where individual data or metadata elements, full or multiple documents can be all be managed with equal ease.
  • High performance with scalability by using patented DPP to support 1K-2K queries / second on low cost computers, regardless of the data set size. Unlike "document centric" XML databases where XML is managed only through the management and transport of entire documents, NeoCore is equally adept at managing XML at the data or document level.
  • Rapid application development and maintenance by not requiring up front or on-going database system design.
More Information:
Developer:  NeoCore Inc.
Environment:  Solaris 2.7, Microsoft Windows 2000
Purchase Info:  Commercial
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