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home » software » Native XML Databases » Virtuoso Mon, Aug 13, 2007

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Product:  Virtuoso

The first CROSS PLATFORM eBusiness server to implement Web, File, and Database server functionality alongside Native XML Storage, and Universal Data Access Middleware, as a single server solution.
Category:  Native XML Databases
Details:  OpenLink Virtuoso is the first CROSS PLATFORM Internet Data Integration Server to implement Web, File, and Database server functionality alongside Native XML Storage, and Universal Data Access Middleware as a single server solution.

It includes support for key Internet, Web, and Data Access standards such as: XML, XPATH, XSL-T, SOAP, WebDAV, SMTP, SQL-92, ODBC, JDBC, and OLE-DB.

XML Document Storage and Creation
Virtuoso enables you to develop eBusiness solutions that use XML as a common data access foundation layer that provides transparent access to structured and unstructured data. XML Data documents can be created internally, or imported from around the Web and then stored in Virtuoso. You can also create dynamic XML documents by transforming SQL to XML on the fly, leveraging data that resides within homogeneous and/or heterogeneous database(s). XPATH query language support enables you to query entire XML Documents using and industry standard query language.

Web Services Creation & Hosting
Enables the creation of SOAP compliant Web Services from SQL Stored Procedures, these procedures may be native to Virtuoso or resident in third party databases that support ODBC or JDBC. Virtuoso automatically generates WSDL files for the Stored Procedures that it exposes as Web Services. As a UDDI server (registry) all of your Web Services can be stored for access across the internet or within an intranet. It can also synchronize data with other UDDI servers.

WebDAV Compliant Web Store
WebDAV support enables Virtuoso to act as the Web Content Store for all of your eBusiness data, this includes Text, Graphics and Multimedia files. WebDAV support also enables Virtuoso to play the familiar roles of a FILE & WEB SERVER, hosting entire Web sites within a single database file, or across multiple database files.

Content Replication and Synchronization
Virtuoso's sophisticated data replication and synchronization engine enables the automated distribution and updating of SQL and Web Content across distributed Virtuoso servers.

Transparent Access To Heterogeneous Data
Virtuoso's Virtual Database Engine enables you to produce Dynamic Web Content from any major database management system. This enables dynamic, real-time HTML and XML generation from any number of different database engines concurrently.

Mail Delivery & Retrieval Services
Virtuoso can act as an SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4 proxy to any email client. This enables the development and deployment of sophisticated database driven email solutions.

NNTP Aggregation and Serving
Virtuoso supports the Network News Transfer Protocol used by Internet newsgroup forums. NNTP servers manage the global network of collected newsgroup postings and represent a vast repository of targeted information archives. As an NNTP aggregator, Virtuoso enables integration of multiple news forums around the world. All news content in Virtuoso is dynamically indexed to provide keyword searches, enabling rapid transformation of disparate text data into information. Virtuoso also acts as an NNTP server, enabling creation of new Internet and Intranet News Forums to leverage the global knowledgebase into eBusiness Intelligence.

Why Do I Need Virtuoso?
One of the biggest challenges facing the uptake of XML is the availability of key XML Data itself. Virtuoso simplifies the process of creating XML data from existing HTML, syndicated XML, and SQL databases. Virtuoso enables real-time creation of Dynamic XML documents (DTD or XML Schema based) from homogeneous or heterogeneous SQL Databases "on the fly".

By implementing a number of protocols in a single server solution, Virtuoso provides you with a unifying foundation upon which next generation eBusiness solutions can be developed and deployed. Virtuoso reduces the cost of bringing together data from different data sources and leverages this into increased effectiveness of your Query Tools, Web & Internet Application Development Environments, Traditional Application Development Tools, and Desktop Productivity Tools. Virtuoso enables you compete effectively in the Information Age.

More Information:
Developer:  OpenLink Software
Environment:  Microsoft Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac OS X
Purchase Info:  Commercial
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