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home » software » Native XML Databases » The XA-Suite™ Mon, Aug 13, 2007
The XA-Suite™

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Product:  The XA-Suite™

Empowering XML-based Integration - The Suite consists of a scalable, dynamic XML Server, and an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
Category:  Native XML Databases
Details:  XA-Suite lets applications interact with enterprise data through XML Views

XAware's XA-Suite is a next generation XML & Java based Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) software platform and Virtual XML Database (VxDB). XAware's patented EAI suite enables enterprises to integrate over 150 internal and external systems including RDBMS, XML DBMS, ERP Systems, CRM Systems, Main Frames, EJB Applications, CORBA Applications, HTTP, FTP, EMAIL and other enterprise applications. XA-Suite quickly enables companies to add web services capabilities to their existing legacy systems and participate in E2E and B2B. In addition to stand-alone deployments, XA-Suite is deployable on Application Servers and provides interfaces to XA-iServer via JMS, EJB, CORBA, Servlet, SOAP, CGI, ISAPI, and via API. XA-Suite deployments on Application Servers enable companies to create "Enterprise Servers" that function as "Virtual Enterprise Nervous Systems".

XA-Suite's XA-Developer is a drag and drop visual IDE that enables the creation of virtual XML views across disparate enterprise systems. XA-Developer quickly enables companies to configure XA-iServer, a scalable and robust integration server. XA-Developer enables companies to dramatically reduce development cycles. Advanced functionality in XA-Suite includes bi-directional processing of inbound and outbound XML, ability to represent disparate enterprise systems as a Virtual XML Database, aggregation of disparate enterprise systems into a single XML view, decomposition of incoming XML documents to multiple back end systems, data chaining across enterprise systems, workflow management, transaction management across disparate systems, heterogeneous data joins, and data streaming. XA-Suite is also an intelligent XML router.

XA-Developer lets you rapidly create XML Views, called BizDocuments, then deploy these views to the XA-iServer. BizDocuments provide bi-directional interaction with enterprise systems using XML. XA-iServer aggregates data from multiple sources into a single XML View with no limitation on hierarchy depth or complexity. Data can be chained between systems, so that a single BizDocument can first retrieve data from one system, then use retrieved keys to access data and services on another system. Companies with disperse corporate systems can rapidly design a single logical document representing data from multiple heterogeneous systems.

XA-Suite enables bi-directional XML processing. XA-iServer decomposes inbound XML into its constituent pieces, sending each to the designated system for storage or processing. Built-in transaction management ensures that data is stored through transactions on all data sources. Any failure causes the entire operation to be rolled back from all systems.

In addition to providing sophisticated data integration, XA-Suite controls enterprise workflow processes. Using simple, XML-based logic, a company can define a workflow based on user-defined business rules. For example, upon receipt of an inbound purchase order, XA-Suite can perform customer validation and credit verification, then send the data to the order processing system. Simultaneous to order processing, XA-Suite can alert the CRM system, providing automated notification to the sales force of the customer order and its revenue value.
More Information:
Developer:  XAware, Inc.
Environment:  Microsoft Windows and Unix
Purchase Info:  Commercial
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