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home » software » XML Web Services » SilverStream eXtend™ Mon, Aug 13, 2007
SilverStream eXtend™

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Product:  SilverStream eXtend™

The first integrated product suite to achieve J2EE 1.3 compatibility. eXtend Director consumes Web Services, eXtend Workbench is an open and flexible tool for building J2EE, Web Services, Composer and Director applications.
Category:  XML Web Services
Details:  The SilverStream eXtend product suite is made up of four fully integrated components that can work together or on their own:
  • SilverStream eXtend™ Application Server
  • SilverStream eXtend™ Workbench
  • SilverStream eXtend™ Director
  • SilverStream eXtend™ Composer
SilverStream eXtend™ Composer allows you to integrate a broad range of enterprise information systems into powerful Web Services that can drive your business forward. You can use these Web Services to deliver mission critical transactions for new Web applications, to augment existing exchange technologies such as EDI, and improve the flow of information among your internal systems.

Visual designers provide systems analysts the ability to compose Web Services that connect customers, employees, partners with all enterprise information and transactions. Deployment to J2EE standard application servers assures the highest levels of performance, scalability, security and reliability.

SilverStream eXtend™ Director consumes web services that carry critical information and services, then delivers them in a meaningful way to any user interface.

SilverStream eXtend Workbench is a comprehensive environment built to simplify and accelerate the development and deployment of J2EE and Web Services applications. As a developer, you can create a Web Service using our powerful wizards and create J2EE deployment plans and descriptors using visual editors all in one integrated environment. eXtend Workbench provides freedom and flexibility with one-button deployment to the leading J2EE certified application servers. As part of the SilverStream eXtend platform, eXtend Workbench provides tight integration with eXtend Director for rich presentation capabilities and eXtend Composer for industry leading XML integration.
More Information:
Developer:  SilverStream Software
Environment:  J2EE
Purchase Info:  Contact Vendor
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