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home » software » XML Web Services » White Mesa SOAP Server Mon, Aug 13, 2007
White Mesa SOAP Server

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Product:  White Mesa SOAP Server

A Windows NT Service for providing SOAP Services.
Category:  XML Web Services
Details:  The White Mesa SOAP server functions as an multithreaded HTTP server capable of handling GET (for document retrieval) and POST (for SOAP services) requests. As a SOAP server it accepts HTTP POST requests whose entity body contains a SOAP 1.1 request message. These can be originated by any client application, stand alone or browser based. The processing of the request message results in a SOAP 1.1 response message returned to the client as the entity body of the HTTP response. A WSDL (Web Services Description Language) document is referenced by the server to obtain information about the SOAP service requested, such as the SOAPAction HTTP header value or RPC parameter data typing.

In support of SOAP RPC style services, any number of COM servers may be exposed as SOAP services, mapped to unique request URI's. Likewise, Document style services are supported by mapping COM based service providers to request URI's. These mappings are maintained through the control panel applications, which make it easy to set up and maintain service configurations.

The White Mesa SOAP Services implementation consists of:
  • The SOAP server, consisting of an HTTP listener implemented as a Windows NT Service, and two Remote Control Panel applications with which to configure the server. This is a "standalone" solution.
  • C++ classes and COM components implementing a SOAP RPC client for Win32 hosts.
  • Additional support C++ classes and COM components, e.g. the WSDL processor.
  • SOAP Extension implementations, e.g. WS-Routing Protocol and SOAP Digest Authentication.

This implemention supports:
  • RPC style SOAP services -- based on remote invocation of methods on COM Automation servers.
  • Document style SOAP services -- based on XML document processing by a COM based service provider.
  • SOAP Extensions -- based on the processing of SOAP message header entries by COM based processing components. These may be "literal XML" header entry elements, or elements encoded using
  • SOAP Section 5 encoding.
  • Intermediary action -- based on the ability of the server to act as an intermediary SOAP node and forward (via HTTP) a request message to another node for processing.
More Information:
Developer:  Robert Cunnings
Environment:  Microsoft Windows
Purchase Info:  FREE
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