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home » software » XML Web Services » gSOAP Tue, Oct 23, 2007

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Product:  gSOAP

Generator Tools for Coding SOAP/XML Web Service and Client Applications in C and C++
Category:  XML Web Services
Details:  The gSOAP compiler tools provide a unique SOAP-to-C/C++ language binding for the development of SOAP Web services and clients. Other SOAP C++ implementations adopt a SOAP-centric view and offer SOAP APIs for C++ that require the use of class libraries for SOAP-like data structures. This often forces a user to adapt the application logic to these libraries. In contrast, gSOAP provides a C/C++ transparent SOAP API through the use of compiler technology that hides irrelevant SOAP-specific details from the user. The gSOAP stub and skeleton compiler automatically maps native and user-defined C and C++ data types to semantically equivalent SOAP data types and vice-versa. As a result, full SOAP interoperability is achieved with a simple API relieving the user from the burden of SOAP details and enables him or her to concentrate on the application-essential logic. The compiler enables the integration of (legacy) C/C++ and Fortran codes (through a Fortran to C interface), embedded systems, and real-time software in SOAP applications that share computational resources and information with other SOAP applications, possibly across different platforms, language environments, and disparate organizations located behind firewalls.
More Information:
Developer:  Florida State University Team
Environment:  C/C++
Purchase Info:  Mozilla Public License 1.1
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