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home » software » XML/Web Services Security » Phaos XML Security Suite Sun, Oct 21, 2007
Phaos XML Security Suite

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Product:  Phaos XML Security Suite

The Phaos XML core toolkit provides XML Signature, XML Encryption and SOAP Security tools that together represent a comprehensive solution for creating secure XML applications in Java.
Category:  XML/Web Services Security
Details:  With Phaos XML, data integrity and confidentiality are ensured. Secure messaging required for interacting with Web Services is enabled. Phaos XML toolkits enable trusted communication between trading partners with disparate systems and applications.

The Phaos XML Security Suite complies with the W3C specifications for encryption and digital signatures. In addition, developers can use Phaos XML in conjunction with implementations of the Document Object Model (DOM) API for XML.

The Phaos XML Security Suite integrates seamlessly with all other Phaos security products.
  • Phaos XML - Core security tools for encryption and signing. Complies with the W3C XML Signature and XML Encryption specifications.
  • Phaos XKMS - Complementary to Phaos XML and provides support for registration, location and validation of keys and certificates using a trusted Web service.
  • Phaos SAML - Complementary to Phaos XML and provides XML-based security assertions for entity attributes, authentication and authorization.
  • Phaos Liberty - Complementary to Phaos XML and provides secure federated network identity thereby enabling single sign-on convenience for users.
Phaos XML enables data encryption and key wrapping. It comes with a fully integrated cryptographic library supporting the most current algorithms including AES, SHA-512, SHA-384 SHA-256, RSA OAEP encryption and the X.9-42 Diffie-Hellman. Phaos XML also supports the more mature algorithms and legacy encryption standards that are still in place within older corporate systems (DES, MD2 etc.).

Phaos XML enables generating and verifying signatures using RSA, DSA or HMAC algorithms. Phaos also supports the C14N and EXC-C14N Canonicalization algorithms as well as a complete range of XML Transforms including XSLT, XPath, Decryption and Enveloped Signature.

implementing the W3C XKMS Standard, Phaos XKMS combines the simplicity of XML with the robustness of PKI. It enables developers to easily deploy robust application functionality on by deploying secure, lightweight client software.

XKMS helps enterprise applications locate, retrieve and validate signature and encryption keys using lightweight Web Services infrastructure.

Phaos SAML enables applications to access resources with a single sign-on across domains without requiring direct user intervention. SAML provides a flexible framework for specifying the privileges of a user or agent that can be shared across businesses and applications thereby streamlining and simplifying user authentication.

Phaos Technology offers a comprehensive, component-based product portfolio for building secure federated identity network applications based on Liberty Alliance Project standards. This product portfolio is designed for organizations that want to make a rapid transition into Liberty’s architecture. The Phaos Liberty components enable the convenience of single sign-on and secure B2E, B2C and B2B relationships across a variety of applications within a trusted Web services model. All components are standards-based and designed for maximum interoperability.
More Information:
Developer:  Phaos Technology Corporation
Environment:  Java
Purchase Info:  Commercial (free evaluation version available)
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