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home » software » XML/Web Services Security » Forum Sentry Sun, Oct 21, 2007
Forum Sentry

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Product:  Forum Sentry

Bridging the XML security gap: Sentry was created to provide an enterprise-class Web services security management and acceleration platform that integrates three XML Web services security solutions in a single device, including: Data Privacy Server, Digital Signature Server and XML Intrusion Prevention.
Category:  XML/Web Services Security
Details:  XML-Sentient means not only aware of XML as a data format, but also being capable of enforcing multi-faceted security policies for the growing Content Layer: XML, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, WS-Coordination, WS-Security, and Business Process Execution Language (to name a few).

Forum products are XML-Sentient at the edge of the network as well as closer to the application offering both Threat Protection and Trust Management to complete the Web services security equation.

Forum Systems comprehensive suite of XML-Sentient products includes XWall™, Presidio™ and Sentry™. Forum Systems products are available as Appliances, PCI cards, Enterprise Software as well as OEM solutions. Forum Sentry™ offers well-equipped XML Web services functionality in a single, integrated enterprise-class platform: Data Privacy Server (XML content and document encryption/decryption), Digital Signature Server (authentication/access control, XML content and document electronic signatures) and Web Services Intrusion Prevention (XML filtering/schema validation, context-aware filtering and integrated SSL). XML, SOAP and WSDL are used by hackers to bury malicious data and application instructions and have them sneak past SSL-enabled firewalls that unwittingly accept encrypted requests, without scrutinizing potentially tampered SOAP and XML content. XWall™ combines proven SSL acceleration with Web services Intrusion Prevention (WSIP) technology to protect your communication channels without jeopardizing your perimeter security with unrestricted data traffic. XWall™ can decrypt SSL and simultaneously filter XML-related threats using signature recognition, anomaly detection, behavior analysis and forensics. Lock down all your sensitive information and content against theft, modification and unauthorized disclosure. Using the worlds first PGP Security Gateway Appliance, enterprises can immediately comply with Government privacy regulations using a low cost and easy to manage secure document exchange platform. Since XML Web Services are the emerging standard for e-business, Presidio™ comes fully-equipped with comprehensive XML Web Services functionality for a smooth migration to XML Web Services.
More Information:
Developer:  Forum Systems
Environment:  Appliances, PCI-Cards, Software: Windows, Software (Java and Linux)
Purchase Info:  Commercial
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