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home » software » XML Editors » xmloperator Sun, Oct 21, 2007

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Product:  xmloperator

XML editor that is suitable for editing data oriented documents.
Category:  XML Editors
Details:  xmloperator is an XML editor, suitable for editing data oriented documents.

The software is open source, Java written, released under a BSD-style license. It requires J2SE 1.4 and uses Xerces-J, Xalan-J and Ant from the Apache Software Fondation.

xmloperator displays a tree view of the nodes of the document. When you select one node of the document, it appears in a detailed view, adjacent to the tree view. You can open several instances of the tool in order to work simultaneously on several documents.

  • Any RELAX NG schema or DTD can be used for guiding editing.
  • ID, IDREF and IDREFS attributes consistent management.
  • Unlimited undo/redo.
  • Capability for editing arbitrarily large documents
More Information:
Developer:  Didier Demany
Environment:  Java
Purchase Info:  Open Source (BSD-style license)
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