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home » software » Conversion Tools » HiT Allora Mon, Oct 22, 2007
HiT Allora

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Product:  HiT Allora

XML Middleware: Allora for Windows, and Allora for Java
Category:  Conversion Tools
Details:  Allora, the XML platform for data exchange, leverages the power of XML to give you XML from any database and write XML into any database. In a single high value product, Allora offers a choice of standards-based approaches to working with relational data without making a major investment. Select the approach that best suits your application: binding relational data or XML documents to objects via an XML schema; marshaling RDB tables and query results to XML documents and unmarshaling XML documents to RDB tables; or using Allora DOM and SAX API directly. Allora's mapping facility lets you map RDB tables to any XML schemas, enabling you to work solely with schema element references and transparently access and update appropriate RDB tables. Allora also supports MSMQ for asynchronous communications applications.

Allora for Windows maximizes XML-based application performance by efficiently accessing and presenting RDB data via data binding, DOM and SAX APIs. Allora middleware interfaces are called by applications at run-time. Allora includes a mapping engine that resolves schema element references to underlying RDB tables and columns, thereby allowing developers to work exclusively with XML. Developers are more productive since Allora for Windows maintains an XML-consistent view of external data repositories. Tutorial, sample code, and on-line documentation get developers up and running quickly.

Allora features:
- Map relational data to any XML format using a drag-and-drop GUI
- Bidirectional
- Programmatic XML interfaces to SQL result sets, tables and catalogs
- XML W3C standards: DOM2, SAX2 and XPath
- Data Binding
- 'Smart' write-back of modified XML document content to underlying database
- Available both in Windows and Java platforms
- XML data replication
- Support all relational databases that can be accessed by JDBC, OLE DB and ODBC
- Debugging & troubleshooting tools: Toolbox, Viewer, Tutorial

Allora Benefits:
- Allora speeds up development
- IT minimizes risk by layering XML over legacy systems
- Let developers focus on high-value strategic application logic
- Provides a common, standards-based platform for enterprise database integration
- High performance

Allora for Web Services is also available.
More Information:
Developer:  HiT Software
Environment:  Windows or Java
Purchase Info:  Commercial, Evaluation version available to download
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