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home » software » Conversion Tools » eXportXML Mon, Oct 22, 2007

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Product:  eXportXML

The easiest way from MS Word to XML
Category:  Conversion Tools
Details:  eXportXML is a tool for creating XML documents based on MS Word. The program is aimed at end-users with no XML skills, but who creates content that are needed in XML format, for example for use in media-independent publishing.

Fully integrated in MS Word eXportXML is an MS Word plug-in which exports Word documents to the XML format. The program does not assume prior knowledge of XML; a short introduction to the typographic formats available in the eXportXML template, which form the basis for the codes will suffice. The typographic formats are largely based on standard Word typographies, making it easy to convert existing Word documents.

Advantages of eXportXML
  • The program is easy to use and almost all standard formatting options in Word may be used.
  • Fully integrated in MS Word: there is no need to install or activate external programs to convert to XML.
  • Easy to install, needs no external XML parsers or interpreters.
  • Metadata may be added and included in the XML file or left out. Exporting is in valid and well-structured XML.
  • XML DTD and an example of XSL style sheet are included (not in demo).
  • The user decides whether or not an XML file should include DTD and/or style sheet reference (standard version only).
eXportXML features include:
  • Tables are converted to CALS tables support for cell-spanning, proportional tables
  • Lists may be incorporated up to 3 times in the same table support for all Word list types (bullet, dash etc.)
  • Up to 6 heading level specifications Levels are tagged with start and finish, and all sub-levels are filed hierarchically
  • eXportXML toolbar and keyboard shortcuts for easier and faster formatting of the Word document.
  • Support for text alignment (range left, range right and centered text) and type styles (bold, italic, underline, raised and dropped text)
  • Optional metadata feature (including, for instance, author, date, version number, document type, subject name, etc)
  • Support for pictures Graphics in a Word document are contained in independent files (in JPEG format) and references are entered in the XML document - These graphics are not supported: Auto figures, multimedia clips, Word art and diagrams
  • Works with Word 97 and Word 2000 (the actual conversion to XML needs Word 2000)
  • Optional automatic inclusion of DTD reference in XML output (standard version only)
  • Optional automatic inclusion of XSL style sheet reference
  • Easy to install, needs only MS Word 97 or 2000 on a Windows computer (Windows 95/98 or NT/2000)
  • The XML output from eXportXML may be automatically revised via an XSLT style sheet. You may, for instance, re-name or re-arrange elements according to your needs.
More Information:
Developer:  Schultz
Environment:  Microsoft Windows
Purchase Info:  Commercial
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