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home » software » Conversion Tools » iMAKER Mon, Oct 22, 2007

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Product:  iMAKER

The XML adapter for Microsoft Excel.
Category:  Conversion Tools
Details:  iMAKER for Microsoft Excel is a tool that allows you to leverage the power of XML data by easily creating XML files from spreadsheet data-or importing XML data into Excel spreadsheets. Using Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic as front-end interfaces, iMAKER enables you to easily develop sophisticated XML-based workflow applications. In addition, iMAKER adds XML-mail functionality to Microsoft Excel by providing a Mail Send function for XML documents.

iMAKER configuration files store the settings and parameters for either importing XML data into an Excel spreadsheet or outputting XML data from an Excel spreadsheet. When you start iMAKER for Excel, you can either create a new configuration file or choose to work with an existing configuration file.

iMAKER for Excel is available as a developer's tool and a run-time module. The run-time module, iMAKER Express for Excel, allows you to deploy applications to large groups of users who will not have the ability to create or edit the iMAKER configuration files. In addition to the iMAKER for Excel user interface, iMAKER comes with tools for programmers to incorporate iMAKER functionality into new or existing programs. A Component Object Model (COM) interface is provided for use with Visual Basic applications.

Encrypted E-mail Support
iMAKER for Excel now supports e-mails sent in the following four formats:
Unencrypted (plain text)
Digital signature
Encrypted with a digital signature
Programming Interfaces
iMAKER for Excel now provides COM Extension Modules. iMAKER can now be used from Visual Basic or Active Server Pages using the COM modules.

Document Type Definition (DTD) option
iMAKER for Excel also allows a DTD "!DOCTYPE" declaration reference to be included in the iMAKER configuration file when outputting Excel data into XML. The "!DOCTYPE" declaration will be included in the output XML document.

The iSecureEnv(tm) tool
An exciting new tool, iSecureEnv.exe, ships with iMAKER for managing the public and private keys needed to send encrypted and digitally signed e-mail messages. iSecureEnv allows you to import and export your private and public keys, to send your public key to other users, and to store other people's public keys.

Platform Support/Product Options
Operating systems supported:
Windows 98
Windows NT (SP4 or higher)
Windows 2000

Microsoft Excel Versions:
Excel 97
Excel 2000
More Information:
Developer:  Infoteria Corporation
Environment:  Microsoft Windows
Purchase Info:  Commercial, Trial version available
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