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home » software » Development Tools » Total-e-Server Developer Edition Mon, Aug 13, 2007
Total-e-Server Developer Edition

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Product:  Total-e-Server Developer Edition

Total-e-Server provides a proven, flexible, secure, highly scalable, and fault-tolerant infrastructure for all types of e-business activities including application development, deployment, integration, and management.
Category:  Development Tools
Details:  HP Bluestone ensures that your e-business is built on solid ground with its robust, award-winning application server infrastructure: Total-e-Server.

Total-e-Server provides the tools you need to develop, deploy, integrate, and manage your e-business applications. It creates a dynamic, Web-enabled environment that automatically scales applications to meet fluctuating needs, balances loads to prevent performance degradation, and manages transactions across the entire Web architecture. Because it is built using the latest open standards such as J2EE and XML, Total-e-Server delivers the flexibility you need in our ever-changing technology world.
More Information:
Developer:  HP Bluestone
Purchase Info: 
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