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home » software » Development Tools » PerXML Smart Transformation System Mon, Aug 13, 2007
PerXML Smart Transformation System

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Product:  PerXML Smart Transformation System

An XML data transformation and development platform
Category:  Development Tools
Details:  The PerXML Smart Transformation System is an XML data transformation and development platform that includes a runtime engine that dramatically reduces the time and cost of building and maintaining XML applications. PerXML greatly simpifies integrating native XML and legacy data into XML documents and XSLT transformations. The PerXML Client supports major editing environments such as XML Spy and XMetal Pro. The PerXML Server supports dynamic content integration and delivery in XML, HTML, WML and most other Web environments.

PerXML enables users to take all kinds of content (text, images, animations, legacy data), and transform it into XML. Once all this content is in a common XML view, the user can use PerXML to recombine the content in any number of ways, such as recombining it into new objects. Finally, PerXML can take the content and turn it into other formats (e.g. WAP messages, XHTML, VoxML, HTML). Most importanly, with PerXML any or all of these steps can be done as a single transformation.
More Information:
Developer:  PerCurrence
Purchase Info:  Evaluation version available
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