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home » software » Development Tools » iMESSENGER Tue, Oct 23, 2007

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Product:  iMESSENGER

XML Workflow made easy
Category:  Development Tools
Details:  iMESSENGER is a powerful tool that enables you to build and manage XML-based workflow systems to support Enterprise Application Integrated (EAI) projects or Business to Business (B2B) systems. iMESSENGER empowers you to send and receive XML documents over the Internet or an Intranet.

Simply put, iMESSENGER automates the processing and delivery of XML documents using standards-based messaging systems. iMESSENGER allows XML data to be received and processed from either POP3 or IMAP4 mailboxes. Outbound XML documents are routed to other systems via the SMTP protocol.

With the iMESSENGER Configuration Tool, you can create, edit, and manage one or more configurations that the iMESSENGER program uses to send, receive, and process XML documents. You can prepare multiple iMESSENGER configuration files in advance and easily switch between different configuration settings or, with the appropriate licenses, run multiple iMESSENGER configurations simultaneously for monitoring multiple inboxes.

With iMESSENGER, you can retrieve messages from a designated mailbox and save them to a working directory as XML files. iMESSENGER performs rules-based processing using Receive Commands against each XML file. Different programs (e.g. Infoteria's iCONNECTOR or iXSLT products, or custom built applications) can be executed based on the values of the sender's address or the values of the root tag in XML files. iMESSENGER also has detailed logging and error handling capabilities.

Encrypted E-mail Support
iMESSENGER now supports sending and receiving encrypted e-mails. iMESSENGER can send/receive e-mails in the following four formats:

Unencrypted (plain text)
Digital signature
Encrypted with a digital signature

The iSecureEnv(tm) tool
An exciting new tool, iSecureEnv.exe, ships with iMESSENGER for managing the public and private keys needed to send and receive encrypted and digitally signed e-mail messages. iSecureEnv allows you to import and export your private and public keys, to send your public key to other users, and to store other people's public keys.

Platform Support/Product Options

Messaging systems supported:
Microsoft Exchange
Lotus Domino
Any POP3 or IMAP4 compliant mail server
Operating systems supported:
Windows NT (SP4 or higher)
Windows 2000
Sun Solaris
More Information:
Developer:  Infoteria Corporation
Environment:  Microsoft Windows, Sun Solaris
Purchase Info:  Commercial, Trial version available
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