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home » software » Development Tools » XML Link Tue, Oct 23, 2007
XML Link

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Product:  XML Link

Revolutionizes application development by allowing web-enabled devices to non-intrusively communicate with existing enterprise systems
Category:  Development Tools
Details:  Back-End Enterprise Systems now Accessible via the Web with Rogue Wave XML Link Technology

XML Link technology revolutionizes application development by allowing web-enabled devices to non-intrusively communicate with existing enterprise systems

XML Link creates and executes Web Services. Web Services allow a multitude of devices and applications (written in almost any language) to use XML and the Internet to operate together. XML Link provides a way to implement industry standard Web Services, allowing users to produce and manage these services from existing enterprise systems.

More specifically, XML Link:
  • Provides a non-intrusive way to get enterprise data into XML, and vice versa, without compromising existing systems or requiring any code modification
  • Creates compatibility among existing, XML-enabled internal and external systems
  • Leverages the ubiquity of the Internet as a world-wide network for e-business applications
  • Enables a mobile workforce to access the defined enterprise from a myriad of wired or wireless devices
  • Allows implementation of a flexible solution, so companies can keep pace with rapidly changing technologies and protocols

XML Link leverages the protocols and APIs of existing systems for native access to the data and functions those systems provide. It then transforms the results into standard formats, based on XML, that can be used and understood over the Web and by other applications.
XML Link uses standard technologies such as XML, SOAP, Web Services, HTTP and Java™, so it's easy to understand and maintain. XML Link abstracts and simplifies the issues of these standard technologies working together, and adds valuable functionality that enables systems to easily integrate with other standard-based systems or with any system that can take XML as an input. And, unlike other web integration products, one doesn't need to learn a scripting language, a new API, a proprietary interface or become an expert in some monolithic integration solution.

Existing applications can be extended to the web without developing an extensive translation layer or changing firewall configurations. Front-end applications and devices can access the data and functions residing on back-end systems. Business logic can be inserted to manipulate, modify and aggregate functions across the enterprise. In addition, systems are loosely-coupled, so they can easily adapt to changing needs and new technologies, as well as easily accommodate new systems.
Opportunities for XML Link technology include:
  • Mobile sales people can check a customer's technical support, product delivery, or billing status from a customer site via the Internet or a wireless device
  • A warehouse employee can instantly check inventory levels and correct part number errors directly from the warehouse floor
  • A distributor can access a manufacturer's database, verify serial numbers, check inventory and place orders from anywhere in the world
  • XML Link Technology: Changing the Way Companies Do Business
More Information:
Developer:  Rogue Wave Software
Environment:  Windows, Solaris
Purchase Info:  Commercial
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