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home » software » Development Tools » winAllora Tue, Oct 23, 2007

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Product:  winAllora

XML Platform for Data Exchange
Category:  Development Tools
Details:  Allora is an XML platform that consists of: (1) design-time tools for mapping XML to relational data; and (2) a set of application programming interfaces to its run-time engine for building local applications.

Allora speeds development and deployment by transparently mapping XML elements and attributes to underlying relational database structures. Once Allora mapping is in place, full bi-directional XML-RDB access is enabled. Available in both Java and Windows versions, Allora gives developers a simplified, consistent XML interface to relational data.

Allora’s design-time components are the graphical Mapper application, source code wizards, object interfaces, and sample source code. The design-time graphical Mapper application lets developers see DTDs or XML schemas and database catalog structures. Using the mapping files generated by the Mapper, developers can request data specifying XML structures rather than database structures or SQL. These mapping files are passed to Allora’s application programming interfaces by calling applications.

Allora offers a rich, flexible set of interfaces. Developers can refer to data by XML element/attribute references or by RDB catalog structures. Similarly, they can exercise XML element/subelement methods or specify record/field SQL commands. Allora manages all SQL middleware connection processes for efficient, proper database interaction.

Key Features
  • Graphical Mapper for linking DTDs or XML schemas to RDB catalogs
  • Marshall and unmarshall XML elements and attributes
  • SOAP-based web service for remote and distributed applications
  • Run-time engine for XML element references to RDB structures
  • Granular RDB accessibility via XML interfaces
  • Automatic querying of catalog relationships
  • Run-time full referential integrity enforcement
  • Expression editor for mapped transformations
  • Advanced relationship mapping for XML data and RDB tables
  • Message queue support for application-to-application (A2A)
  • Source code wizards
  • 100% Java architecture (jAllora)
winAllora Specifications

Design-Time Tools
Graphical mapper application
VB source code wizards
Object interfaces
Sample source code

Application Programming Interfaces

System Requirements
OLEDB or ODBC SQL middleware
MSXML v3.0 or later
MDAC v2.6 or later
More Information:
Developer:  HiTSOFTWARE
Environment:  Microsoft Windows
Purchase Info:  Commercial
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