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home » software » Development Tools » The Mobile Internet Platform Tue, Oct 23, 2007
The Mobile Internet Platform

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Product:  The Mobile Internet Platform

Provides a development environment & necessary connectivity for rapid wireless deployment.
Category:  Development Tools
Details:  Provides a development environment & necessary connectivity for rapid wireless deployment. Through an XML-based API, developers can extend their applications easily without extensive rewrites or the need to learn a new application development environment.

Air2Web's programming environment allows developers to:
Optimize delivery of data to all device types through Cascaded Rendering Technology(TM) Access data directly rather than scraping screen content Blend voice and data to provide interactivity in the format best suited for the mobile user Secure data using PKI reciprocal digital certificate transfer

In addition, the Mobile Internet Platform provides a Visual Development Environment that requires no previous experience with XML to deliver wireless applications.
Visual Development Environment. The Conversation Builder supports all of the Air2Web markup language (A2WML) tags and attributes and displays them in an easy-to-use graphical interface.

Debugging Tools. The Developer Window can be used to monitor transactions between specific wireless devices and the Mobile Internet Platform. For example, developers can add or remove one or more devices from a list of logged transactions or list all registered devices for their user ID.

Mobile Internet Platform Technical Specifications
  • Behind-the-firewall or hosted deployment
  • One application to provide interactivity to 100% of the wireless digital market
    Telephony/IVR devices
    SMS devices
    Web-based (WAP) phones
    Browser-based PDAs
    Microsoft PocketPCs
  • Conditional navigation logic through A2WML (XML-based markup language)
  • Support for all major and minor carriers to ensure coverage
  • Management of a nationwide POP telephony network
  • 30+ API calls for device and carrier-specific functions
  • Cascaded Rendering(TM) technology for device-specific optimization of content
  • Three levels of programming granularity
    General application to render to all devices
    Imbedding of multiple native languages (MML, WML, HTML, CHTML, HDML)
    Device-specific granularity
  • Advanced blending of voice and data
  • Double-byte language support (kanji)
  • Two-way messaging, WAP alerts, vCard support, and PQA generation to Palm devices
  • Secure data using PKI reciprocal digital certificate transfer
More Information:
Developer:  Air2Web Inc.
Purchase Info: 
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