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home » software » Development Tools » Visual Net Server Tue, Oct 23, 2007
Visual Net Server

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Product:  Visual Net Server

An application server and integrated development environment for XML content publishing and syndication applications.
Category:  Development Tools
Details:  Visual Net Server is an application server and integrated development environment for XML content publishing and syndication applications. The key features are:
  • Converts any format to XML.
  • Integrate data from different sources.
  • Cross media publishing.
  • Superior performance with caching technology.
  • Full support for XML and related standards.
Using Visual Net Server you can jump-start your XML development projects and be productive immediately.

Visual Net Server includes ready-to-go solutions for on-the-fly conversion of a large number of different data sources into XML - this includes SQL, Word, HTML web pages, and delimited files. This means that your end-users can continue to produce their content using familiar tools like MS Word. A new built-in text parser also makes it possible to translate virtually any text file format into XML.

Through an easy-to-use, point-and-click graphical interface developers can incorporate any data source and work with it directly as if it was in native XML format. Therefore there is never any need to produce or store content in an XML format. Users can continue working with their existing content production systems but still take advantage of all the benefits XML offers.

The built-in cross-media engine makes it possible to publish and deliver content to different output format such as web pages, XML documents, Flash, Word, Quark XPress and text files. Visual Net Server fully supports XSL-T for rendering XML but also offers its own easy-to-use template language. This allows designers to continue working with familiar HTML-editors and animation tools and still be able to present XML data without having to go through the painful process of learning and mastering XSL-T.

Visual Net Server supports HTTP, FTP, file and mail as protocols for fetching and integrating content into the application as well as delivering content to end consumers.

The media component architecture of Visual Net makes it easy to re-use content and program logic. An easy-to-use graphical user interface gives an overview of your application. The graphical tool automatically produces templates both for fetching content and presenting it, reducing your learning time to a minimum. Many examples and a built-in on-line tutorial makes you an XML wizard within hours.

The innovative three-layered caching architecture now makes XML a viable alternative for sites with many visitors and a high load. The front-end cache handles massive amounts of simultaneous user requests, the back end cache avoids unneccessary round-trips to the data sources, while the middle-tier cache avoids unnecessary server processing and XML transformations. The need for investments in additional hardware is greatly reduced when the number of visitors to a site increases.
More Information:
Developer:  CNet
Environment:  Microsoft Windows
Purchase Info:  Commercial
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